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Such a “helpful” guide. Written by a TIM that calls himself “severely trans”. Whatever that means. I guess he’s really, really, really, trans.

This pisses me off but is par for the course for TRAS:

Lesbian = female homosexual: it may look innocent at first but it is how terfs communicate that they believe that lesbians can only be attracted to their same sex.

It may “look innocent”. The definition of lesbian is a same-sex sexual orientation but TIMS hate to be reminded of that fact. Tough.

Re: Fundie Snark Uncensored, they mostly rag on the Duggars and other evangelical hypocrites.

These men are so highly delusional that words don't even have meaning. "Only attracted to the same sex" is literally what a lesbian is and always has been.

So deranged that they can't understand their dick isn't wanted.

Ah yes, using words to mean their meanings instead of newspeak, very nefarious.

I just want to make people aware that “TRA” is also widely and commonly used as an acronym for “transracial adoptee” (a POC adopted by white parents, and sometimes, but more rarely, vice-versa). The adoptee community was using TRA for transracial adoptees for years before terfs co-opted it. If you see that acronym come up in conversations related to adoption—especially when it’s used by a transracial adoptee themselves—it always means transracial adoptee, not “trans rights activist.” That’s really important for people to be aware of.

This feels like a stretch. As someone who knows multiple trans racial adoptees, I have never heard of this acronym. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but in my (admittedly small) experience, this is not the way the acronym is commonly used.

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Fundie Snark. Loose fangirling and thread drift rules. Minimal mod censorship. Read ALL the rules before posting! Join our Discord server--request access :)

So they pretend they're all women mocking religion. But their mod list is hidden. Which means they're all males. Every last one of them.

The irony of a sub with uncensored in its name censoring women is not lost. Most fundie sneakers tend to be women but also tend to be handmaidens.

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They're also in a sub mocking religion... while pushing their own fundie religion.

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You know you're in a cult when they need to make you a list of prohibited thoughts and words, because otherwise you'd think too much.

I just like to enjoy mocking the Duggars and their Ilk so I log in and see this is the pinned post. Using terms like “homosexual” and “biological” are evil terven dogwhistles.

Leave Reddit to their eventual FBI raid for incel terrorism groups, of which TRAs are card-carrying members; or pedophile sweeps, of which TRAs are also card-carrying members. The truth can’t be hidden forever.

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/Duggarsnark had a thread about Thomas today, but I didn’t see it until all the “TERF” comments were removed. There was a fair number of mod deletes, as well as downvotes on comments by handmaidens, which gives me hope there’s more GC people on Reddit than it appears, they are just keeping it quiet.

ETA: Scratch that, it was FSUncensored, not DS. There was also another thread in menstrual cups because it wasn’t “inclusive” enough.

I could write a novel on what's wrong with this, the whole thing is delusional or down right incorrect but what I find interesting is...

Trans people are people, WE deserve respect and rights. Let NO ONE tell you how to live your life, how to express your gender, your identity, or your life.

This is likely a triggered TIM.