This is one of the most male things I have read in a long time

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How many times did you wake up in bed and cuddle and whisper with other girls? Oh, none? You did girlhood wrong.

Whole thing just a complete MALE fantasy ๐Ÿ™„.

Do you think there are ANY Lesbians left in that sub.

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Do you think there are ANY Lesbians left in that sub.

I actually do not. Less than 10%. Possibly less than 5%. The ones that are left are likely "enby" females who call themselves lesbians (because they are) but tolerate trans because they're neck deep in it as well.

ETA: The problem is that very young lesbians (teens) don't know that they're talking to all men and will be groomed and gaslight into accepting male partners. The whole thing is so sick.

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I want to be adored

I want to giggle

I'm so stupid and silly and gay

I'm a ~woman~

I'm so special

Everyone do as I say


Why do trans people think they're the only ones with "lost" years? My youth and young adulthood was basically one bad decision after another, but I don't ruminate on it because that's fucking life, and all I can do is take what I've learned moving forward. I'd love to be 20 with the confidence I have now, but guess what, I'm not a delusional entitled loser, so I won't subject y'all to an essay about it.

Wants a harem and a wife.

Notice after 12 hours no comments or points. These men right bad poetry.

One of the more ghastly side effects of over exaggerated historical male achievement is that boys grow up thinking men actually WERE the great poets and writers of history, lol, and they assume they should start showing people their own poetry and writing.

Please put that drivel in a diary and leave the writing to the women.

I'm way less afraid to publicly post my own poetry now, thanks rando gross male!

He probably thinks that verbal vomit is the sweet romantic side of his "true woman self". But it isn't. It is so obviously the fantasy of a creepy man who no lesbian will ever want.

So many things you wish for and so many women you want to skinwalk, but in the end it's just you and your anime waifu bodypillow and the scent of several strata of smegma and dried cum โค๏ธ

What I can't figure out is whether this is just "blue-sky" daydreaming (which we're all guilty of) or whether he really, truly thinks women's lives are like this, and that he's therefore been unfairly cheated of actual, real, attainable, permanent bliss by being "born in the wrong body". One has to wonder if he knows any real women IRL.

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That was my take as well. It reads like those kawaii slice of life animes.

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