Whole thing just a complete MALE fantasy 🙄.

Do you think there are ANY Lesbians left in that sub.

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Do you think there are ANY Lesbians left in that sub.

I actually do not. Less than 10%. Possibly less than 5%. The ones that are left are likely "enby" females who call themselves lesbians (because they are) but tolerate trans because they're neck deep in it as well.

ETA: The problem is that very young lesbians (teens) don't know that they're talking to all men and will be groomed and gaslight into accepting male partners. The whole thing is so sick.

If the amount of anime / hentai memes aren’t a red flag of male presence , idk what is . The sheer amount of men on there hyping each other up about being uWu ✨sapphic✨ is disgusting . Literally all of them just read all the joking ways lesbians stereotype each other and then they regurgitate them back to desperately “ pass “ as a lesbian. I legitimately saw one post by a TIM who was saying Trans women lesbians must be real lesbians because you can put them in a room together and they don’t ask each other out ? Like that’s because they are all heterosexual males .

Last time I checked that sub years ago on selfie day it was at least 50% men. I imagine it's only gotten worse since. It really bothers me how much Reddit allows grooming. Full grown adult men pretending to be lesbians and advising young homosexual girls is so incredibly alarming and yet no one at that company or moderating that sub care. They encourage it. It makes me especially sad because I have yet to meet a lesbian who had an easy time growing up and they would benefit from genuine role models of successful young adult or middle aged lesbians who went through what they're going through now.

I skim it near daily and tag the male posters. I enjoy it as cringe content but also worry about the younger actual lesbians. They do seem like a minority of a minority, though - I tend to see 35-40% trans posters and the rest are bisexual. I'm shocked whenever I come across a regular participant who's actually a homosexual female. I can think of only 3 who've been posting for more than a month or so. 😅