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I had to laugh at that ending in “just to be clear!”.

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What is a feminine gender? How do you know you have a gender? How do you know the gender you have is feminine?

If the feminine gender isn't necessarily feminine why is it the feminine gender

Ah yes, ladies, I too have this feminine gender. Right beside my feminine brain, my masculine vulva and my nonbinary feet.

This will never stop making me sad. Women don’t need to be feminine to be women, adult human females. It’s not a prize we have to work for or earn — it’s not a prize at all. It’s just a state of being that we didn’t ask for and navigate as safely as we can. Gender is fundamentally a performance (compared to sex, a biological fact), but being a woman shouldn’t mean acting every second of our lives. I don’t want to exist to put on a feminine show for everyone I meet just to be correctly identified as the sex I was born as.