Imagine being such a confident idiot in public, with your full name and face. Jesus.

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This bess person thinks she’s funny. Attacking jk Rowling and other women protesting women’s rights. She’s an attention seeker who is completely misinformed about c sections and fake narratives that women are been excluded from the definition of woman. It’s bullshit.

But I like to see their true colours. The fact they would side the pedophiles and perverts over women

I agree. I prefer people wear their prejudices on their sleeve, it makes avoiding the crappy people so much easier to do.

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Is it really surprising men think they can be women when women know so little about their own bodies?

"Cervix" literally means "neck", hence the cervical spine. This is what no Latin education does to a mf.

No one in the gender cult has taken ANY Latin. (I started in kindergarten so their ignorance irritates the hell out of me.)

a- (as a prefix) means “without” but also is a spectrum at the same time

cis/trans are butchered…..they define “cis” as “not trans”. Yes, let’s define “left” as “not right” and “up” as “not down”

I could go on…

Intriguing to know how the blue tick (not a clue who she is) thinks birth naturally happens unless as another commenter here has said that she's confusing vulva and vagina. The uterus isn't routinely removed during a C section (medical term is 'exteriorised') but it is occasionally done to aid closing the uterus if it is surgically complex as the lower segment of the uterus where the incision is made is quite deep,in the pelvis and access can be difficult. Uterus most definitely remains fully attached to the woman at all times. I'm not aware that JKR has ever said you must have a uterus to be a woman. We are called biological essentialists (yawn) when that is what TRAs reduce our arguments to as a gotcha. So frustrating. I've been watching all this nonsense for a long time now and it still beggars belief how many people can willfully abandon and ignore common sense

I think she’s mixing up the vagina with the vulva. She thinks the vagina is the outer part and then the uterus is inside. Which indicates she knows the uterus isn’t directly connected to the vulva … but then what does she think the actual vagina is called? There’s a part missing in her “understanding” of all this and yet she has the audacity to act like she has superior knowledge?!

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Apparently this woman is a writer for Jimmy Kimmel.

Brilliant response here https://twitter.com/ZeldaTheChicken/status/1506984684491878400?s=20

You really don’t understand what she’s saying then.

If they placed your uterus momentarily in a tray, do you think JKR would think the tray had become a woman?

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I'm an RN and I can't tell you how many women do not know they have a urethra that is separate from their vagina.

At this point, I want to throw sisterhood out of the window and start beating people of all sexes with chairs because their stupidity is too much for me to handle

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