trans people are some of the most vile, cruel, hatefully misogynistic individuals on earth. and no, i'm not making any addendums or exceptions to that statement. almost every single thing I hear from one of them just makes me more and more convinced that there isn't a single good person in this movement bc how can you support ANY of the shit they say and stand for without being morally rotted to the core?

For sure every trans male is a huge misogynist. You wouldn't appropriate womanhood if you're not a misogynist, it's really easy as that. Trans females I'd generally say are victims, although some of them are also abusers (looking at the ACLU TIF)

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Unpopular opinion, but many TIFs slip into the victimizer role pretty quickly. I don’t buy that they are simply victims. Most are narcissistic and don’t see the damage they are doing with their attacks on womanhood that actually make it harder for others to seek out treatment (because they are supporting the whole damn system that doesn’t allow treatment other than affirmation). The narcissism doesn’t end after desisting or detransitioning as they are unable to see the suffering of anyone but detrans people (Watson and Kiera Bell are two prime examples of this, as both still cannot see beyond themselves and those exactly like themselves, it’s COMPLETELY BEYOND THEM the widespread damage that the movement has caused to others). It’s maddening how damn self centered they remain. Like way to go, Kiera, telling others to “just be kind” when there’s a damn reason for our anger, even towards YOU now, simply for saying such crap. And for those who disagree with me, you haven’t been forced to endure continuing dysphoric symptoms because you know there’s no therapeutic help available if you are actually honest with your therapist, in the age of “affirmation ONLY” in therapy.

I agree with this. For the sake of integrity, I will admit I'm partially biased because of first-hand experiences that were very traumatizing.

Overall what I see is a lot of damaged girls and young women trying to find a way to navigate that damage. Sure, a lot ARE victims who are frantically searching for a way to avoid future assaults. But a growing number of them choose the path of victimizer. Why they do this, I don't know. There are a multitude of reasons in my opinion.

They might think that abusing others will serve as some sort of protective social barrier, that if men witness them abusing other women they will be more wary about potentially abusing the TIF. She has shown she will put up a fight, and abusers/rapists hate doing a lot of work.

Another reason they might abuse other women is because they think they'll get the male seal of approval, like "we recognize you as one of us now" when in reality that will NEVER happen, no matter how many fellow women they abuse.

Regardless of the reason, I'm seeing a LOT of toxic, misogynistic, sometimes actually violent TIFs. And from what I've seen, it's the straight girls who transition that tend to be the most abusive. I think they have much different reasons for transitioning than lesbians (who have been accused of being men their whole lives and eventually give in to the pressure and manipulation).

Straight girls seem to transition from a place of severe, unbridled, internalized (and often externalized) misogyny. It's NLOG syndrome on steroids (literally, lmao).

they're victims who support and enable their abusers to abuse other women even worse than them tbh so they're most certainly complicit.

This is why I like the comparison to blackface. It's not that some TIPs happen to be sexist. It's a necessary precondition.

it's absolutely a necessary precondition - you literally cannot be trans unless you believe the gender roles are intrinsic to sex and therefore anybody who breaks those gender roles is trans

Exactly, there's literally zero cases of black face worn by non racist humans. And there are zero non misogynistic TIMs.

I am tired of the "NATALT" rethoric myself.

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"not all trans are lying tyrants"? or perhaps "not all trans adults like terrorism"? 🤔

edit: oops just got it, not all trans are like that. i have to say i like mine too 😂

LOL, sorry, I thought everyone knew that acronym!

But yes, yours are cool as well! 🤣

Also extremely ignorant yet unwilling to learn nor admit fault and simply forge forward on the basis that they can never be wrong