"If it's going to kill her for you to play-act your misogynistic sissy fetish full time, then let her die." But they screech and scream and rant that we're "literally killing" them when we call them men. They can get fucked.

"If what you need to live is killing your wife, then let her die."

Things NO ONE would EVER tell an actual woman.

I hope she divorces his ass as soon as possible. She'll definitely be in a better place.

Yea, no surprise. It must be the worst thing ever to discover that your husband or dad has this disgusting womanface fetish that you have to participate in from now on. I mean it really must be absolutely nightmarish.

And don't get me started on that friggin reply...

“If I can’t get what I want I’ll kill myself and that means you must do what I say.”


“My actions might cause the death of another and they can go f*ck themselves.” 🙄

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"killing" the wife. It's like a deadname, but a real person this time, This is what women to them

That was almost a month ago so I'll let this one stay.

For sure, I just think it’ll be good for people to see more discussion about it. I didn’t mean for it to imply I wanted this post taken down.