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I mean they're deTRANS for a reason, at some point they saw the misogynistic clown show that is the trans movement and thought, wow, that really makes sense! Then his dick stopped working or he was "too ugly for a woman", or his AGP was getting boring and now he's back to being a super special misogynistic male.

I'm not about to slag off female detransitioners, from reading in their spaces most of them get that trans isn't anything and they just tried to run away from womanhood for any reason from hating dresses to severe sexual child abuse.

Now the males.... Some definitely get it. But most just seem to detrans because they hormones didn't transform them into a sexy catgirl lesbian of their dreams so they're bitter and disappointed but didn't actually stop believing in the insane ideology or even grasp the misogyny behind it.

But all these words to say: males be maleing

I don't in any way care what these males think. He's done playing dress up and now he's just gone back to being a plain ole misogynist.

[–] La_Terfa Moid Tamer 9 points

What I think of the boys who fall into the trans trap is that they're disgusting degenerates obsessed with the worst kinds of porn, and who decide to base their entire life on grotesque fetishes.

So far, not a single detrans moid has been able to change my mind.

Even when parents talk about their young son transitioning, though they mention the boy's mental health problems, sick porn always pops up. Usually it's only mentioned in passing but it's always there: sissy hypno porn, futa porn, etc. Boys and men are just disgusting.

[–] crodish [OP] 18 points Edited

This detrans male has a history of being groomed in particular by female TRA and libfems and explains this as his reasoning for hating them as similar to how most radical feminists "hate" men.

I've not engaged with nor followed very closely the detrans twitter community, but from what I've seen of it (particularly after Detrans Awareness Day) it seems that within that community they are still very prone to TRA-like manners of thinking, and most of them just "upgraded" back to normal misogynists that acknowledge their sex, including most female detransitioners.

I'm cautious and worried that these people are simply just becoming a rebranded group that feminists will also have to defend themselves from. Sigh.

More worrying still is I think this male also took the advice to start his own community for other detrans males. Which... good for him, good job, but I can already foresee it becoming just another incel space but with the detrans label siiiiiigh

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 19 points

Many (idk if it’s most) people blame feminists/feminism/women for trans. Some of them are angry and resentful that in order to be against trans, they have to share space with radical feminists, who have been fighting trans for over 40 years. They want to be anti-trans and anti-feminist at the same time, but find the political space occupied by a different group of feminists.

Before gender critical vs trans broached the public awareness, there was a robust debate about (actual) women’s place in society. MeToo was discussed constantly as was the proposed biological reality / determinism of sex roles (eg women are bad engineers because brain dimorphism, women choose “soft” occupations like teacher/ nurse / SAHM because of biologically determined division of labor). Many of the groups / individuals considered gender critical now were on the anti-feminist side of those debates. Now because they are against trans, they can blend in amongst feminists. When trans dies down, they will go back to those anti-feminist positions on women’s roles and be able to safely blame feminism for trans without worrying about losing support from women who are gender critical from a leftist / feminist perspective.

What I’m trying to say is, either way, when this ends, we will be blamed, by men and women.

Sigh women hate really is eternal :/ Thank you for such a thoughtful reply!

Wondering if this was Cul

I found him through other women retweeting and saying they had over 50 mutuals in common, so he should be showing up on some timelines