Lesbian day of keep your enormous jaw out of our community and stop slurring us you fucking male pervert

I'm so happy you are getting what you want this year! Because no one is trying to kill you! And people WERE trying to ignore you, for decades, but you guys kept pushing and pushing and pushing... But don't worry, no one is trying to kill you. Have a great day, man!

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And people WERE trying to ignore you, for decades

But how can he get vALiDaTioN if he's ignored?

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I would LOVE to see stats of how many murdered TIMs are white vs black or brown. I'd bet the number of white TIMs is near zero.

"I don't think children should be given a mastectomy or administered sex hormones that can cause long-lasting issues on the basis of impermanent feelings" "Wow, didn't realize you were so bold about wanting to murder trans people"

"...stop trying to kill us!" What a statement! Wish genderist campaigners would discuss this appalling understanding publicly and in more detail...which trans people have been killed, and where? What were their names and the circumstances of their deaths? Were they murdered, and, if so, were they murdered because of transphobia? And, if they have been murdered...especially due to transphobia....who's tracking the investigations? Have suspects been arrested? Has justice been served in these deaths?

For a movement so keen on claiming that trans people are far more at risk of physical harm and murder than other populations, the gender identity lobby doesn't seem interested in following up and tracking whether justice has been served when trans people are killed.

The only people wanting to murder you are the men a small minority of you end up in relationships with. You'll be pleased to know your tribe overcompensate by killing women they are in relationships with a tad more. i wonder why that is can't be anything to do with male violence.

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I’m not on Twitter, but would LOVE to see someone respond to this delusional man with posts highlighting how people like him (men who claim they are women) actually kill women. The level of delusion these men have is just mind boggling.

Yep, a day in the life of trans: step outside and there's someone waiting there to kill you. You can't even look out your window because there's guns pointed there too. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„