Then female has no meaning

So wtf are we spending so much money on โ€˜transitionโ€™? Why should anyone have any protection for being trans? They arenโ€™t transitioning, they are just clicking another inconsequential box

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This is what I'm saying.

If ANYONE can be any gender by simply stating it, have any type of body, insist trans isn't a mental illness that doesn't require gender dysphoria, and isn't a medical condition, then WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED HORMONES AND SURGERY????

Which erases the term AFAB and biological female. And by extension, that should erase the term 'cis-woman' and only leave... birthing person, cervix haver, etc. Which is reducing women to their body parts. Which is their argument against defining women by their anatomy.

Oh boy, the circles just never stop.

It's hilarious watching the TRAS twist in the wind deciding how best to interpret the 'hands off my sex' campaign. Are they in fact female? In which case, why are they so pressed about a campaign protecting female rights? Shouldn't they be supporting this as well? Are they male, and mad about it? But oh shit, I thought there was absolutely no tension between trans rights and women's rights...

I know we know that this is what they want, literally all words for themselves, but this is utterly infuriating. NO. Your sex is male. That's why you're trans. Either you're literally female, in which case you're not trans, or you're trans and therefore male. You can't be both and you can't get the brownie points for both.

But also, you're not female. You're just not. Difference doesn't have to be a judgement, pal, you're just male.

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There is a mind-numbingly despairing amount of people who believe that taking wrong sex hormones actually changes your sex... ๐Ÿ’€ so they become "female" as well as "trans" after hormones. Sigh

They can die mad 'cause nature will never bend to delusional squishy apes.

We've been trying to respect your male sex for ages but somehow we keep getting called transphobic. Weird how trans people are okay with misgendering

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This guy is either a major troll or severely disillusioned, I really can't tell.

Oh he's a Twitter TransGod. They LOVE him, and he's everywhere, stirring shit up.

I vehemently dislike him.

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I know! But I've never been able to tell whether he was just an extremely efficient troll or just a very disturbed individual!!

But I thought sex and gender were different and trans people know they can't actually change their sex ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„ #thisneverhappens