He only stops and freezes because he is not a woman and this piece of card reminds him of his transgression. He knows he shouldn't be there. He knows women are taking a stand and that he cannot for much longer get away with the thrill of violating female boundaries without scrutiny.

He is afraid he might lose some perks of his fetish, but one thing is sure, he isn't afraid of any danger.

Exactly right. This is a test. If you read that card and you assume it’s about you, then it is about you. Which means you are a man and are trespassing.

This whole thing is making me think a good grassroots strategy is to simply put up random reality reminders that will mess with TIP’s heads. Like billboards that read YOU ARE A MAN.

Grassroots activism at its very best.

Maybe this is the best way: going to every sex segregated space and placing material of stickers there.

I wanna do this now

Make a plan. Figure out what you want to say. o/ Radfemmary and o/Trans Logic have bunch of meme that could be published on a card as small as a postcard. Same with stickers.

Every woman "cares" that he's in the women's bathroom. If there was an effective way to keep him out without risking our own safety, we would keep him out - forever.

Funny how he's apparently so threatened by women being informed of the facts of what this piece of legislation would mean for us.

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This makes me want to make cards and put them in all the women's loos.

To the list of items under "Men who say they are women are...." they should have added "Entering women's toilets, taking photographic evidence and posting it online".

Why can't he go through the whole "usual attempt to stay as quiet as possible, try not to be noticed at all and remind myself that no one care that I'm there" routine in the MEN'S TOILET where he belongs? If he is trying to be quiet and unnoticed it's because he knows he's not really meant to be there.

"Melissa" needs to get used it. Get the f*ck out of our spaces and they wouldn't have these problems. They're not welcome there and they know it but keep going anyway.

You’d be safe from that card’s LiTeRaL vIoLeNcE if you used the male bathroom - just saying.

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