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Seeing that kind of mutilation will never stop being disturbing

I'll never understand the surgeons thinking this is fine and dandy

They love money more than they care about helping people. It’s a total violation of the Hippocratic oath.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 32 points

OMG the butechery with the single large gash and missing nipples.

Yeah, why the hell no nipples.

It is like they don't want human bodies.

[–] BogHag 12 points Edited

I'm guessing early childhood sexual trauma from exposure to pornography combined with being surrounded by boys and men consuming said same pornography. That's why I started binding at 13. I wanted a genderless body. Something that wasn't shameful like a woman's body or a threatening like a man's body.

There really needs to be more research put into and published about this connection.

[–] La_Terfa Moid Tamer 15 points Edited

This is disturbing and it makes me EXTREMELY emotional, because it reminds me of this artist that I used to love. She wrote really creative stories and made stylized, zany cartoons and had a pretty large following on DeviantArt and Tumblr. She also made good money from art commissions. I think that if she had finished and published her book, she could have been relative famous because it had that kind of genuine potential and a fan base.

Not to powerlevel too much, but I'm an illustrator and designer too and this artist was a big inspiration to me. She kind of gave me direction in what I wanted to pursue in life back when I was a teen.

But then... something changed. This artist that I admired got sucked into the gender cult, and suddenly all she talked about was how all of her characters were transgender. She stopped posting her art and pretty much disappeared. She occasionally shares fan art she makes on Twitter, but all she's focused on is how much she wants "top surgery" and how she's glad she discovered her "inner gentle masculinity" and how she's "non-binary".

This amazing artist who inspired me so much, who talked about being an awkward autistic girl growing up and creating her own world through art, reduced herself to this. To gathering money to mutilate herself, abandoning her awesome projects and big fan base. It just really hurts to see an inspiration turn into such a painful disappointment.

To see a young artistic woman so full of creativity and with a productive career and life ahead turn into someone who believes that, if you're not a walking dumb bimbo stereotype, then you're not a woman. You must have a male brain or a non-binary special brain. It personally hurts me.

I never understood how people can get attached to celebrities and care about random people's lives until this happened. Now I guess I understood it in the worst way possible.

Edit: WOW, sorry for the wall of text 😣

Yes, the transgender craze is very popular among young digital artist women. I checked out an artist in my favourite fandom whose drawings I've seen years ago and BAM, one of her most recent posts on her tumblr was her few weeks old top surgery :/

Can't believe she's going to post that with zero critical thinking applied.

Do boys who identify as NB ever do this or is it only females who feel the need to destroy their bodies to look sexless? A masculine-looking chest with small, flat nipples is a bit of a giveaway that they are male but I've never seen a male showing off his huge scar across his nippleless chest. Maybe, just maybe, they should do a bit of research on the way non-binary people are treated differently on the basis of their observed sex?

I've seen a few male Nullo, but they're more interested in removing genitals. Not quite the same. There are some men though who want to remove their nipples to be extirely sexless.

I don't know how you see something like that and not immediately think childhood sexual trauma.

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It's literally only the females who are pushed into getting horrific surgeries within the transgender movement. They all poison themselves with wrong sex hormones, but the vast majority of TIMs keep their dicks, for example. On the other hand, to be a "trans man" you need to at least butcher your healthy breasts.

Disturbing. Looks like a sick child's body with an adult head on top.

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I'm seeing too many fucking women opting to remove EVERYTHING completely. It was rare just a few years ago but now it's the default. Jesus christ.

As an autistic adult, I am SOOOOO happy that this shit wasn't around when I grew up. It would have been so easy to get sucked into this.