How can he even think this when they haven't even ever asked for their own spaces or accommodation? All they want is to take from women what we have established and fought for out of dire necessity. The delusion and self-pity, I swear!

On that note, It's absolutely insane that trans people haven't once campaigned for third spaces. With the political support they currently have, they would be given whatever they want in a heartbeat. What the Americans with Disabilities Act did for disabled folks, trans folks people would get that and more if that's what they wanted. It's a reasonable request for necessary accommodation. Unfortunately, third spaces would absolutely shatter their delusions of femininity by separating them from women. THIS is why they don't want their own bathrooms, sport teams, etc. It doesn't support their fetish. They'd rather put women at risk and strip us of our dignity so they can keep playing pretend and jerking their dicks to their GenderFeelz. Makes me sick.

my daughter's school were lucky to have the extra bathrooms, so when they decided for a third space early on, I truly think that saved them from TRAs protesting and making a nuisance. They can point to it enthusiastically and say, "We support our trans/fluid/NB students with this bathroom." blah blah blah. But the rest of the bathrooms are male/female

I think you are right, there would have absolutely been an uproar if not for those extra bathrooms. Thank god your daughter didn't have to be caught in the middle of all the nonsense. There's no telling what they outcome might have been.