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The Latin languages are trans-exclusionary and we like it that way 😎

Wait until they find out that pretty much all Indo-European languages are gendered. I mean, my South Slavic language has three different gendered words for 'they'.

I know this probably isn't the proper response, but I feel like a lot more people NEED TO FEEL INVALIDATED.

Mostly because their takes on things are really, really invalid. I just feel like so much of this could have been nipped in the bud if more people had said, "No. N. O. That's wrong. Sorry, not sorry. No, read my lips -- you are wrong. Your opinion is stupid and we are done even considering it. Go do something productive and stop acting like you are the piece of shit the world revolves around."

β€œRedo the entire Spanish language to validate meeeeeeee!”

"... to validate me, a person who does not actually speak Spanish" at that.

"is this a joke" yes, actually. being nonbinary is a massive joke and everyone is laughing at you <3

I honestly cannot wait until the next generation comes along and rips them to shreds over their imaginary pronouns. I hope they'll hear about it in the old folks home.

In what way is it not colonization to force the change of a language/culture you don't belong to to suit your whims? Why are these people so obsessed with the 'x'? Leave X alone!

non binario...that's hilarious

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Am I the only one who sees that and thinks β€œno bananas”?

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bianca xo, @lanamymamma

is this a joke

[Screenshot of Google Translate, translating English to Spanish.]

Non binary

No binaria (feminine)

No binario (masculine)

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bianca xo, @lanamymamma

yeah i know a bit of spanish i just wish they would put an x or smth bc i struggle a lot with pronouns and it really makes you feel invalidated

Andres, @gangstaboy1...

in spanish it's always like that 😭, although some people say "elles" as "they/them" but in spanish

bianca xo, @lanamymamma

yes ik but they could put a x or @ or whatever but that's so offensive and so contradictory