They always think that saying things like "What is stopping cis men from assaulting them anyways?" is such a gotchya. No, there is no physical barrier preventing predatory men from entering the women's bathroom, but there is a social barrier.

People know that it's weird and and that something shady is afoot when an obvious man purposely walks into the ladies room. Women know to put their guard up and get the hell out to safety, and they know that if they sound the alarm that some dude is exposing himself in the bathroom that they will be taken seriously. What TIMs are telling us to do is to suppress our self-preserving instincts and shut up about it.

[–] BJ581 23 points Edited

I can think of nothing more callous than essentially tactfully saying “men can assault you whenever they want anyway, what’s the problem?” Yeah, honestly, fuck off. If you identified with literally anything to do with actual women (not lip gloss and high heels), you could not casually say some shit like that with a straight face. I have never once told my friends “idk why you carry pepper spray, if a man wants to assault you, he can 🤷‍♀️.” They would rightfully ask wtf my problem was.

True, the social barrier is a thing, and if removed, women and girls will be put at risk. We've seen that already, with the Loudon monster.

I have been reading True Crime since the 1970s, and watching True Crime since its inception, which I put at the release of Unsolved Mysteries. And in all those decades , I can think of only two cases in which a man assaulted a woman in a women's restroom. That's not saying that's the only cases that exist...just that the social barrier works; if attacking women in the women's restroom were all that common, surely we all would have heard/read of many more cases prior to Loudon.

LOL, the evil "cis" woman and "transman" both expressed fear of sharing space with a TIMs and called them men pretending to be women. What on earth could the "cis" woman and the "transman" have in common to explain their strange alliance?

I'm honestly surprised the trans man spoke out and didn't decry the "cis woman" as a TERF on the spot! I hope she continues peaking and comes to peace with herself.

This dude peaked his friends lol. Good. "OMG, these evil women continue to know that they are oppressed by men on the basis of their sex!!! Even worse, they want women's boundaries to be respected!!! I'm the victim here!!!" Fuck this pervert.

lol or they were just playing along the whole time. So many TiMs like “she was happy for me when I came out but now she doesn’t support everything I say and do?!? What gives?!?” and it’s like that’s either 1) normal and get over yourself or 2) shes one of the many followers of the world who was nice to you when you came out because it looks good on her and she’s afraid of you.

I've never understood this kind of thinking. Most AFABs I've met that is like this are straight, so they don't really have a problem dating an outright man, but someone they see as a girly man is somehow more of a threat than an outright man???

Because a delusioned creep is a red flag parade, my dude.

And many women do like feminine men! Prince, David Bowie, men with long hair they take good care of.

What we don't like is a 6'3" linebacker following us into the coffee shop restroom at 10 am on a weekday wearing a mini skirt bought from a fetish lingerie section that barely conceals his gross dick!

[–] RisingUp 16 points Edited

Look at this sack of scrotes all mansplaining women’s feelings away.

Edit - is one of these women his ex? No wonder she peaked lol. So funny that he thinks they’re saying this to him because they think he’s ‘one of the good ones.’ I bet they are saying it because they know he’s not.

I fear that they are, a memorable quote from one of them was "If wanting to be safe makes me a terf then I'm a terf" makes me sort of glad we broke up and that i'm slowly drifting away from the two of them.

i'm slowly drifting away from the two of them.

Help them out. Show them your post. Those pesky friends will be far away from you in no time.

The end result of forcing us into spaces with cis men is that we get assaulted. These people are saying it is more important that their fears be prioritised over our actual safety , these people are okay with sexual violence as long as it is trans women being targeted instead of cis women, or "AFABs".

Why should the less than 1% of the population identifying as trans take priority over actual women? They are so hypocritical, expecting their fear of men to be taken seriously while we are just expected to suck it up.

Rule eleven of misogyny: Whatever women suffer from, it is worse when it happens to men.

[–] crodish 18 points Edited

Some of them were civil and we had a polite debate about it but two of my friends (one a cis woman and the other a trans man) said some really shocking stuff. They went on about they would be terrified about sharing a space with a trans woman (or as they put it "a man pretending to be a woman") and that they would never feel safe if trans woman had easier access to transition and changing her legal gender.

[...] These are the same people who accepted me when I came out, helped me pick out my name and have supported me through my entire journey.

Hurray for those women :D I love that they told this straight to his face. They're done with being kind.

I do wonder about the trans man that spoke out. That's interesting. Possible desistor/detransitioner? "GC trans"?

[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 4 points

No i've noticed a lot of TIFs are getting tired of the abuse they get from the TIMs. They still cling to this gender cult while at the same time realising the TIMs are abusive yet somehow they still manage to dance around the reality of the situation because otherwise they would have to admit to themselves they made a big mistake in transitioning.

As you can see in the comments, they show no regard to the TIF in the story and just talk about "cis women" like she is one of us.

I hope it peaks a lot of TIFs slowly though. Those blokes just can't help their misogyny lol.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 15 points

Hope they dump him ASAP. He’s no more their friend than he’s a woman.

"It's always been clear that they think of men as dangerous and the fact they view trans woman the same way just really bothers me. As well as the fact they view people as dangerous because of their AGAB at all."

I can't

"This speculation that men dress as women to walk into a toilet armed with a birth certificate in order to assault women is an entirely hysterical fear."

HYSTERICAL. Hys... I'm going to go listen to some Enya and breathe deeply. Off the internet.

It really seems like they were talking about self-ID and it is so SO telling that the women literally said “men pretending to be women” and the TIM took it personally. They were saying predator and he heard trans woman so if the shoe fits?

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