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Men can’t relate to women and our bodies and dismiss and downplay our pain and believe they have it worst. So new. So riveting.

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Sure we can't get periods which are apparently the worst thing ever even though I'd murder my friend to be able to have them.

This is the most man thing I’ve ever read. You’d murder somebody that you know to have the sexual function that turns you on. Ok.

He'd piss and shit himself after ten minutes of my mildest period pain

Trans-women also have to regularly use "special tools" for 2 months straight to make sure the new hole in their body doesn't close on them

They actually don't have to... They choose to

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Yeah, like, I agree those sex "change" surgeries are horrific and cause a lot of suffering, but people choose to get them, even though they're completely useless and a desecration of the human body. So I'm not gonna feel bad for something stupid they chose to inflict on themselves.

I do feel bad for people that suffer because of their own bad decisions... Just not that bad

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Well, to me it depends a lot on the kind of decision and the state of mind the person was in. I have a lot of compassion for people who make mistakes but then try to improve their lives. But if you get a completely useless Frankenstein surgery and then claim you're the most oppressed person in the world because you need to keep the literal wound open and the process hurts, I'll have zero sympathy.

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Sure we can't get periods which are apparently the worst thing ever even though I'd murder I friend to be able to have them.

Creepy and unhinged skinwalkers. You whiny scrotes couldn’t handle the debilitating pain of conditions like endometriosis. Fuck off.

Also, we have the highly exaggerated “harassment, violence, discrimination” bullshit they always spew even though women experience all of that too and have since childhood. And the whole “we are more at risk for violence than anyone else” notion is such a blatant lie anyway. These scrotes are utterly insufferable, solipsistic morons.

I mean between the fact that my fertility is the luck of the draw, getting called the wrong gender, (even by my parents) and the fact that I cant even use the bathrooms I prefer because either

Oh no! The horror of getting called the “wrong gender” and “not being able to use the preferred bathroom!” Delusional males who choose to take toxic hormones and butcher their bodies have it so much worse! Here’s a medal for the first place winners of the Oppression Olympics. 😞

Also, we have the highly exaggerated “harassment, violence, discrimination” bullshit they always spew even though women experience all of that too and have since childhood.

Exactly -- they have the fucking privilege of being able to go back into "boy mode" whenever and wherever they want and can walk safely, live safely, BE SAFE and it costs them absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, I am a woman with no "get out of woman free" card that I can use whenever I want to opt-out of oppression or "boy mode" that I can slip on and off at the drop of a hat so I can go stealth when my womanhood is a literal risk to my life or wellbeing.

That's not even counting the number of ways that I've been shortchanged since birth simply because I was born with a female reproductive system rather than a male one.

They can fuck right back off with this and go play oppression Olympics elsewhere. These spoilt white men are not oppressed.

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TIMs have it so much worse than women but also women are always jealous of TIMs because TIMs are better than women but also they literally are women with no discernable differences whatsoever which everyone accepts besides that handful of hateful TERFs but also rampant transphobia is literally killing them...

And also “cis” women can’t imagine what it’s like to be a trans “woman” but a trans “woman” knows exactly what it’s like to be female. 🙄 How TF does that work? They think women lack a theory of mind, but somehow they have a theory of mind, but they’re also exactly like women?

Not a contest, dudes. Because whatever you're comparing....it's apples and oranges. Besides, didn't you fellows get the memo? Trans women no longer have to take estrogen or undergo SRS anymore...heck, they don't even have to wear cakey makeup, fishnet stockings, spinny skirts, painted fingernails, or really bad wigs. In short, they no longer have to be gender non-conforming regarding their sex at conception...at all. The gender identity's lobby new orthodoxy is that female-identifying males can still look and behave like males, but still be "trans women."

Who has it worse? "Trans women" or women, adult human females? Again, no contest. But if I HAD to choose, I'd go with the demographic unable to identify into a more powerful, well-resourced demographic by simply saying, "I feel like an X...inside," and doing nothing more.

Once again, proof that men have never once listened to a single word that has come out of any woman's mouth.


"No, you don't understand, I HAVE to get taxpayer-funded cosmetic surgery and my penis inverted into a disgusting wound that I forcefully and painfully keep open, I have it so much harder than those 'cis' women!" Okay...

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