Not a contest, dudes. Because whatever you're comparing....it's apples and oranges. Besides, didn't you fellows get the memo? Trans women no longer have to take estrogen or undergo SRS anymore...heck, they don't even have to wear cakey makeup, fishnet stockings, spinny skirts, painted fingernails, or really bad wigs. In short, they no longer have to be gender non-conforming regarding their sex at conception...at all. The gender identity's lobby new orthodoxy is that female-identifying males can still look and behave like males, but still be "trans women."

Who has it worse? "Trans women" or women, adult human females? Again, no contest. But if I HAD to choose, I'd go with the demographic unable to identify into a more powerful, well-resourced demographic by simply saying, "I feel like an X...inside," and doing nothing more.