Trans-women also have to regularly use "special tools" for 2 months straight to make sure the new hole in their body doesn't close on them

They actually don't have to... They choose to

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Yeah, like, I agree those sex "change" surgeries are horrific and cause a lot of suffering, but people choose to get them, even though they're completely useless and a desecration of the human body. So I'm not gonna feel bad for something stupid they chose to inflict on themselves.

I do feel bad for people that suffer because of their own bad decisions... Just not that bad

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Well, to me it depends a lot on the kind of decision and the state of mind the person was in. I have a lot of compassion for people who make mistakes but then try to improve their lives. But if you get a completely useless Frankenstein surgery and then claim you're the most oppressed person in the world because you need to keep the literal wound open and the process hurts, I'll have zero sympathy.