This sub can’t be real (yes I know it’s real.) I’ve never been over there, or to the SRS surgery sub.

No let me get this straight, if a small or flat chested woman wants breast implants she’s told that that’s elective surgery and she has to pay for it herself. If she can’t afford that, she’s told that she needs to focus on what really matters not physical characteristics.

And here we have a whole sub filled with pictures of free plastic surgery for men who want to be women. Bragging about how insurance is picking up the entire tab.

They say the most psychotic shit- he'd 'murder a friend' to have a period? How normal. How feminine. WTF.

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TIMs have it so much worse than women but also women are always jealous of TIMs because TIMs are better than women but also they literally are women with no discernable differences whatsoever which everyone accepts besides that handful of hateful TERFs but also rampant transphobia is literally killing them...

And also “cis” women can’t imagine what it’s like to be a trans “woman” but a trans “woman” knows exactly what it’s like to be female. 🙄 How TF does that work? They think women lack a theory of mind, but somehow they have a theory of mind, but they’re also exactly like women?

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Sure we can't get periods which are apparently the worst thing ever even though I'd murder my friend to be able to have them.

This is the most man thing I’ve ever read. You’d murder somebody that you know to have the sexual function that turns you on. Ok.

He'd piss and shit himself after ten minutes of my mildest period pain

You mean to tell me they kicked this sub off reddit and that - oh nevermind.

Once again, proof that men have never once listened to a single word that has come out of any woman's mouth.


"No, you don't understand, I HAVE to get taxpayer-funded cosmetic surgery and my penis inverted into a disgusting wound that I forcefully and painfully keep open, I have it so much harder than those 'cis' women!" Okay...

Lol. Men (even they know that’s what they are) suffer worse than women? On what planet?

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