It really pisses me off how being hateful toward JK Rowling is the newest and most popular virtue signal used by a lot of people online. Hating a woman who SAID SHE SUPPORTED TRANS PEOPLE IN THE TWEET THAT SOMEHOW GOT HER CANCELED (but acknowledging the existence of sex makes her a bigot) and spent her life encouraging creativity and kindness while using her great wealth to try and improve the world is just proof of how pathetic and sheeplike TRAs and the ones who tow their lines are.

I thought trans was conversion therapy. πŸ€”

I was just about to say this. Transitioning IS conversion therapy for gay and lesbian kids, many of whom are made to feel that there is something wrong with them for being GNC. It's twisted that they consider anything other than affirmation only treatment to be conversion therapy.

"anti trans conversion therapy" I shudder to think what this clown thinks qualifies as anti-trans conversion therapy. Actual therapy for dysphoria instead of endless validation and pills?