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It doesn't matter what the topic is. TRAs will center THEMSELVES. Invasion of Ukraine? We need to hear how cowardly males are hiding in apartments and TIFs don't want to be men when war to come to their country. ACLU put out some dumb Instagram post about "Reproductive Rights Are Trans Rights" No, it only affects one SEX (female) and most of them are sterilizing themselves for no reason. Poverty? "Trans people are more likely to live in poverty!" Maybe, they should stop spending their money on synthetic hormones, plastic surgery on their faces, breast removals/implants, and medically unnecessary surgeries on their genitals that makes them unable to work for months and have to beg for money on the internet.

This is the complete truth

People dying alone in the ICU because no visitors in the pandemic? Job losses, depression and isolation, the upward transfer of wealth? Delayed cancer diagnosis, deepening political divide

Nope. An article on the pain of having to wait for ‘big mommy milkers’ as some of these pervs put it.

I just went to google the article only to find that there are about 10 or more on this super important tragedy of delayed cosmetic surgery

OH NO! How can one survive without shaving down their eyebrow ridges and mangling their throats to sound more feminine?! I remember Jessie Gender doing some sad-face video about how his penis-mangling surgery is delayed because of COVID. Poor thing, he'll have to deal w a working set of genitals for longer. He will have to wait to get to feel the relief inverting his ball sack and repurposing his intestines to create a fake vaginal canal. The euphoria of primed and ready rot pocket, will just have to wait.

rot pocket

Damn. 🤢. He may come to thank the lockdowns 😂

Though I do think it should become mandatory for any men who want to go to Women’s prisons. I know they can still harm, but it’s better than the current situation