One of the endlessly facepalm-y things about TRAs is their rampant misuse of the word "genocide." Women refusing to play pretend with you isn't genocide, dude, not even if you hold your breath until you turn blue trying to make us.

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It's too bad South Park already did an episode about the entitled attitude of TRAs. These people demanding everyone cater to them and participate in their fantasy life, and complaining of genocide when they don't get their way fits Cartman perfectly.

When they made the episode in 2014, all they could come up with is Cartman demanding his own private bathroom, insisting that the principal would be transphobic if she refused. He got his way, but it was ruined for him when Wendy dressed up as "Wendell" and started using it too.

Wouldn't it be great if a separate bathroom was all TRAs were asking for? The episode didn't even begin to explore the "you have to do whatever I want or you're a bigot" attitude that exists today.

Bragging about how many people apparently want to fuck him, calling himself a wh*re, referring to body parts as "swiss cheese", yep.. couldn't get more male if he tried

Sissy porn. AGP. Desire to be humiliated and debased and this is viewed as what being female means. Andrea Long Chu defines the essential female as "an expectant asshole, open mouth, and dull, dull eyes." Or something close to that.

Some percentage of TIMs are like this. I don't know what percentage, but we are not allowed to even notice their existence. And this particular person is also in a dangerous narcissistic rage state and out of touch with reality.

Some percentage of TIMs are like this. I don't know what percentage

I'm guessing 99%, if not all of them.

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Funny how they say that neo-vaginas can experience female genital mutilation, as if neo-vaginas aren't a genital mutilation in the first place.

Yeah, I was going to say neo-vaginas are genital mutilation, just not the female kind.

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I have absolutely no idea what he's even talking about? What is he talking about? What "neovaginas" get mutilated?

I mean, your glans falling off from necrosis is not the same as having your clitoris cut with scissors. 🤨

I'm going to guess it's some combination of the "my girldick was circumsized so it's female genital multilation" and "my bottom surgery done fucked up"

"That young baby could have been a trans man. You'd never know" Right, you'd never know. Because females are oppressed on the basis of their sex not their ~ gender identity ~ and nobody double checks that a female baby is really a trans man before murdering them.

"I also prefer women so I can't hate women." Same dumb argument as any heterosexual male misogynist.

Every straight male chauvinist/misogynist in history:

"i don't hate women, I luuuuv the Ladeeeezzz"

amazing how they just keep telling on themselves.

Wow..a lot going on here but this bit right here has me loling:

"I have offers from X Y and Z who want to turn me into a swiss cheese fuckfest."

and then

"you're the weirdo"

lmao. you know they're a TIM when they display little to zero self awareness and reflection.

Reminds me of that meme where men will go into anime villain monologues in twitter arguments lmao

They truly are liars and delusionals. “A pro genocide group” oh come off it. “They don’t want me in their bathroom? I will literally die” before women had our own bathrooms women would have to go all the way back to their homes to use their own

Genocide is one of those words that is being diluted to meaningless by the TRA crowds. Being against pediatric transition has been the standard for decades but now it’s genocide.

Talking about how a male has periods and a vagina marks you as insane. Sorry, sir. You're about as much a woman as I am Queen Elizabeth. And, I'm closer since I'm actually a woman.

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