If you wouldn't let your kid get a tattoo or a boob job, it should be a no-brainer that these bullshit medical procedures can wait for the kid's brain to catch up with her. I am not a parent but I often wonder if some of this is connected to parents unwillingness to be "the bad guy" and say no to their kids. No you can't be a man, you're female. Not to mention your kid can make you go viral and ruin your life... ugh

I do think a lot is permissiveness, plus a general culture of entitlement.

But jeez I don’t know how people stay married to people who trans their kids.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 7 points

I really think millenials are an entitled bunch who mostly make terrible parents because we were raised by permissive baby boomers and never wanted for anything.

I literally don't know any millennial parents who read with their children. Screen time all the time for these poor kids, including an ipad at bedtime for a 6 year old. Horrifying

What a psycho. It's inconceivable to me to be a mother and want my child to damage their health with wrong-sex hormones or unnecessary invasive surgery.

I have kids with autism and adhd. One un medicated, because that’s what is best for her, one who is, because that’s what’s best for her.

Parents (mothers) get huge amount of grief for medicating kids with adhd, even when drs advise it, even though it’s licensed for kids. Even here in the uk where adhd is significantly under diagnosed and takes years of wait lists to see camhs at all, never mind the wait lists to then access medication…..

So mothers get massively judged for ‘doping’ adhd kids, yet celebrated for unlicensed meds for ‘trans’ kids. It’s like living in wonderland.

But doctors are telling parents this is necessary. If they don't their kid will commit suicide.

Even the tavi, with all its appalling failures, acknowledge that they rarely see a suicidal ‘trans’ kid and that their rates of sui are only slightly higher than gen pop and in line with camhs kids (which includes 5 year olds there for assessment of asc & adhd. Who are highly unlikely to be suicidal). Even tavi drs are honest about this.

In the US, doctors use the suicide line freely. And I think Tavistock said that in the Cass review, but not in advising parents. The "40% of trans kids will attempt suicide" claim is repeated as nauseum in every article or news story about trans kids here. No one is honest with parents.

I'm starting to see an alarming pattern that the moms are always pushing this stuff while the dad is unsure/protesting against it. What is going on??

I think that the people selling trans know that women are more susceptible to social pressure, and they’ve successfully force-teamed it with mainstream feminism. These moms think they’re doing right by their kid. The dads aren’t receiving the same propaganda.

Women are always the carriers of new religious ideas, right back to the spread of Christianity in Rome.

It's just so heinous! How manipulative and deceitful with a side of guilt-tripping. It feels so much worse considering that when it comes to moms or being a mom, you take that role to heart. You do the absolute best you can for your kids. And to weaponize their own kids to tow-the-line in this ideology makes my blood boil.

[+] [Deleted] 14 points

Women are socialised to be nice, so virtue signalling was always going to attract women.

Munchhausens and munchausens by proxy are more likely to be women (iirc) so trans by proxy will attract more women.

I also think there’s more horror over women behaving this way (by us, or other gc spaces) because of how we are socialised to hold women to higher standards (and socialisation is a powerful force, even when we think we don’t have internalised misogyny there will always be some there somewhere). Especially for mother’s.

And I think it’s easier for men to speak up against this, like the dad did, where as mothers stuck in the opposite version of this may be trapped feeling like they can’t speak up for fear of accusations of bigotry and t*rf etc. or worse. So we don’t hear from those mother’s.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 16 points

"How do you find a middle ground with someone like that".

More like how do you find a middle ground with someone who wants to give her 14 year old teen daughter testosterone because she wants to be a boy? Fucking idiot. "Social transitioning" without hormones is the middle ground you 20 IQ sub monkey!!

I hope this is a fake thing from some teen. Otherwise wtf is wrong with some parents seriously.

This is why social transition is bad, because it’s never seen as a compromise and instead just the first step to medicalization.

[–] yesisaiditxx 8 points Edited

Yeah I read that too and was like wait he thinks it’s just a phase and total BS but agrees to call his own child a different name, refer to her as the opposite sex, and let everyone else do it too…that’s the middle ground doofus. Getting a shot of hormones or not unfortunately doesn’t have one.

I read something here recently (I wish I could remember who said it - if it was you, please speak up!!) that teens with gender issues can either come to terms with their bodies now or come to terms with the bodies in the future after undergoing dangerous surgeries and experimental therapies. Isn't it better to accept things now before undergoing painful operations and causing damage to their hormonal systems, internal organs, developing brains, and bones? There is no future in which you can safely and successfully disassociate from the reality of biological sex - that option isn't on the table.

I think that harmful but successful ideologies often have some nifty tricks up their sleeve. In the case of gender ideology, there is a tik-tok-tik-tok mentality that creates a sense of desperation from TIPs and TIPs' loved ones. Trans your kids today or they'll take their life tomorrow! Trans your kids now so they can have better chances of passing when they're older! This desperation leaves little room for deliberation or even common sense.

Exactly! The thing is, i can totally empathize with the kids. Imagine you're young, in severe pain that you believe will last forever because you have ZERO frame of reference. And most if not all people you know say "you have to make this decision NOW or you'll never have a chance at passing and your life will be ruined FOREVER, you'll be a weird looking freak and never find love and a job".

Kids don't think about having children, or how even your 30s already kick your ass when it comes to fitness and joints and whatnot. They don't know how hardcore recovery from surgery is, the opposite even, look at all these celebrities getting 20 surgeries before they're 22, can't be that bad right? I feel like they think surgeons are this magicians who can do anything, even give a girl a fully functional penis. And then the awakening is traumatizing, look at Jazz who ballooned after this 4 surgeries and is now suicidal.

Surely being able to get your bone strength and maximum height sorted before you start on surgeries makes sense? If they want to do it at 18 or 20 then OK let them. But sex is real, even if gender is infinitely malleable. Sex isn't yet able to be separated from the rest of your body. Hopefully never but, right now? You are better off by far concentrating on beng a kid, doing fun stuff, dressing how you want, having an implant if menstruation upsets you THAT much, and just... being, for a little while. This time in development is turbulent for everyone.

It isn't just menstruation. They want to stop breast development so they won't need mastectomies, stop the hip widening and fat distribution that helps differentiate male and female bodies.

But that means they stay as tiny androgynes with beards. Which is probably significant.

You make an excellent point. There are less harmful ways to stop menstruation, but gender extremists continue to push for dangerous puberty blockers. It's criminal.

I know a couple exactly like that. This daughter decided quite young (12?) that she was a he. Mom was all for it, and dad protested. Mom prevailed. Kid now early 20's and has been on T for several years.

All of these parents who transition their kids either have Munchausen syndrome by proxy or are just narcissistic and attention-seeking. It's usually mothers, too, that push for it. Reminds me of Dee Dee Blanchard. Sick.

Either way: abusive.

Hope the dad stands his ground, though. Because I've read so many stories like this, and the father usually capitulates.

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Husband refuses to let our trans kid medically transition, submitted by u/Isitgum

Our 14 year old (afab) came out last year as trans. My husband and I have been supportive in using proper pronouns, new name, etc. However, my husband still seems to think that this is a phase and went ballistic when I mentioned him wanting to go on testosterone. My son and I met with a counselor at the gender clinic twice and he referred us to a medical doctor so that they could answer any medical questions we have. When I told dad about this, his response was why can't we just treat it with a dose of reality and teach them to accept their body? How do you even come to a middle ground with omeone who thinks that way? I'm not sure if I need advice or just needed to vent. I'm just sort of speechless and don't know what else to say to him right now.

[–] La_Terfa Moid Tamer 8 points

The dad sounds like a rare good moid. Tamed moids are the best moids. <3

But what a pathetic person the mom is being. "Accepting your body BAD! I can't believe he suggested THIS!"

He probably isn’t good and he certainly isn’t tamed. He’s going against his wife. He likely believes gender roles should be tied to sex as most men do. This is the reason many men don’t like transgenderism. It has nothing to do with body acceptance.

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