They are the ones who said you don't need disphoria to be trans. I can't feel sad when they reep what they sow.

feel very uncomfortable to have to judge people on the door so can you just listen to this and not

Oh. It’s difficult? Uncomfortable?

But it’s transphobic for us to wonder weather a man entering the Women’s restroom is a cis man (a perv on an external perving journey who may want to hurt us)

or a TransWoman (a perv on a personal perving journey who may wish to hurt us)

"I can't tell the difference between the liars who know they are lying and the liars who believe their own lies."

My brain hurts from all these made up rules which are to follow and suddenly they are not anymore.

Nope, that's self-ID, baby! If that girl's bf says he's trans, then transphobia. Don't you understand that women-only events give him gender dysphoria?Stop being such a transphobe.

I want to encourage more people to do this. And they need to move to that town in California giving away free money.

These are the same people that they "you can't tell" AND "you don't need to do anything to be transgender" (forgetting the TRANS part).

That person may have a had Gender Dysphoria. How does this person know?

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Image Transcription: Twitter

LICK, @lickevents

If you were one of the girls that brought their boyfriend to the club last night and lied about them being trans to get them in - Don't come again. Thanks.

LICK, @lickevents

You're ruining it for people that are actually trans and you should be ashamed of yourselves - not bragging about it

LICK, @lickevents

Tbh it happens all the time but it's getting worse... I feel very uncomfortable to have to judge people on the door so can you just listen to this and not πŸ™

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They are a "for women by women" club apparently LOL

Part of the tweet has been cached in google if you search "lick event 22 apr 2019" but the tweet itself has been scrubbed, so no archive

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I suppose the RealTwanz don’t have women prepared to come in with them ...