that victimizes in particular those who start at the beginning and work their way toward the end, page by page, and front to back, rather than from back to front. (We understand that what counts as “front to back” will vary and that Hebrew readers in particular may find this phrase alienating or even eliminationist. We hereby affirm that Hebrew readers exist and that they are no worse [nor better] than non-Hebrew readers, and this holds irrespective of whether the Hebrew writing at issue has actually been or will be written or read.)

My favourite line from this response!

Everyone we like agrees that possible risks can be much worse than actual harms of the sort for which evidence can be provided.

Lmao perfect.

You're going to have to follow the thread back here, but boy is it worth it. The open letter responding to the open letter is very funny.




That was 10 minutes well spent!

''If only Hitler had realized that a book could constitute "organized violence," he could have just published his way to the Third Reich.''

Pitch perfect: it hurt my brain to read beyond the first couple of paragraphs, exactly like the real thing.