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Yes chucklefuck, they’re women mocking you perverts. Get used to it.


what’s this one?

Here's a funny comic explaining it.

Oh, wow.

That’s something that only those of us long deep in the culture war can fully appreciate, and I’m so glad I asked 🤣

Omg I want to buy the creator of this a bottle of their favorite beverage. It’s fucking perfection!

Here's more: https://imgur.com/a/WhR5q43
But I don't know who the creator is. There is a biotransgirl twitter account, but the person running it seems to only use the drawings, not make more of them.

Okay this is hilarious. I mean, why not? If you can identify however you want, so can I lol.

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They love crying appropriation any chance they get. It's almost like wearing another person's identity as a costume is offensive, who would've thought.

Image Transcription: Twitter

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Oh I know that's what Biotrans filth are, GCs in transface

Ah the trans, their only weapon is "no u" because they never learned to debate and also the main tenet of their cult is literally "men are women".

So blackface and womanface are defined by one oppressor group appropriating the struggles of the oppressed to mock them. White people aren't black people but they cover themselves in dark color, men aren't women but they cover themselves in tacky ugly makeup to try and look like us.

But what could transface be... Dressing up like... Like you're trying to impersonate the opposite sex? Oh no, that's the trans 🤭 dressing up like you're trying to look like someone who's trying to badly impersonate the opposite sex? ... Okay