[–] Yemaya 36 points Edited

Most of the people who were pro puberty blockers, pro letting men compete with women, be jailed with women are going to pretend they never were when the backlash hits.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie [OP] non-cis logic 21 points


The fact that she thinks she's on the right side of history is mindblowing.

Sterilizing children doesn't tend to age well once the trend that rationalized it passes.

I feel like they unwittingly give away their own fears and suspicions about themselves with this kind of statement.

Eh, she'll slink over to whatever is the dominant side whenever the tide turns. Like the spineless, brainless jellyfish that she is.

More likely: most parents who transed their kid and then watch them suffer/die young will cry that they were manipulated by our media and the medical industry. It’s going to take probably another 5-15 years but there’s going to be a wave of these doctors getting their asses handed to them in lawsuits.

I'd say in all the years I've been a "terf" it's only gotten LESS "embarrassing"

[–] Beru 22 points

Yes, because it's so easy and wonderful to be a TERF at present [sarcastic clap]

Bizarre that she's imagining some future in which social pressure will make people not want to be seen as TERFs, as if we aren't living in that already LOL

as if the TERFs aren't the ones going against the status quo right now.

This is pure projection, as usual, from the crowd obsessed with being 'on the right side of history'.

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 2 points Edited

When your main enemy is feminists, you always end up on the right side of history! /s

One day, everyone's going to pretend they were totally "team TERF" when in fact they were mindlessly bleating TWAW while sending GC women death threats and getting them fired from their jobs. 🙄

[–] ProxyMusic 9 points Edited

One thing I have noticed is that most of the people who think they have infallible crystal balls that allow them to peer into the future and confidently pronounce how things will be X years from now tend to be on the youngish side. Most old people aren't so arrogant that we feel we can make such self-assured predictions about what the future has in store. Because we've had a fair bit of experience watching history unfold firsthand and thus we know that events often take unexpected, crazy turns that no one predicted - indeed no one ever imagined.

For example, back in 1963 when Betty Friedan's book "The Feminine Mystique" described the dilemma of that era's American women as "the problem that has no name," no one could have predicted that 60 years later politicians and all the powers-that-be would constantly say that women ourselves have no name - and that we are bigoted, cruel and exclusionary for wanting a name.

Circa 1970 when Village Voice columnist Jill Johnstone came out as a lesbian on the front page of that newspaper, no one could have predicted that a half century later Johnstone would be considered hateful for not doing dick - and she'd be ripped to shreds for not mentioning in her piece that "some lesbians have dicks."

Back in 1972 when the US Congress passed Title IX, no one could have predicted that 50 years down the line supporting fairness in scholastic sports for girls and women would be considered beyond the Pale, a sign of being right wing, a Nazi and/or a fuddy-duddy "pearl clutcher."

In 1990 when I celebrated a big event in my life by having a party at Windows on the World at the top of New York City's World Trade Center, none of the people attending could possibly have imagined - not even in our wildest dreams - that 11 years later those ginormous buildings known as the twin towers would vanish into a cloud of dust and be reduced to a pile of rubble.

Screw the queer crowd. They try to drag people like me down with them. I wish they'd just disconnect from us and leave us alone. I wish they'd leave us all alone. I'm not queer, I'm a lesbian. I'm not "cis," I'm a normal woman. Sorry if I'm off topic, I'm a little tipsy.

[–] Beru 11 points Edited

Also, nice use of the word 'women'. So is TERF a gendered slur or not? Make your minds up, misogynists.

Funny, the precise reason I'm a "TERF" is I'm pretty sure on my deathbed I'll regret ever supporting this insane, harmful ideology even to the lukewarm degree that I did. It's because my conscience wouldn't allow me to sleep at night if I capitulated to this, knowing what I know now.

My guess is that "I cut off my dick for a sexual fetish" won't age well at all.

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 4 points Edited

Sorry my fellow non-binaries and transmen, I once used to be a radical feminist but then my eyes were opened and I started caring about men's rights! I am now a transmisogyny exempt transman cheering on my poor oppressed transwoman overlords as they rape women vagina-people in prison. I will soon do my part and rob a bank so I can help validate a transwoman serial killer in prison! It's the least I can do with all my transmale privilege!

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