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The amount that this man overshares is actually kind of impressive. I did not need to know most of those things.

I'm 100% convinced these degenerate freaks have scat fetishes. Think about it: the love for diapers, the shift we've seen from uwu girldick stories to elaborate, detailed shitting-myself-stories lately... it wasn't enough to disgust us with their uwu girlejaculations and uwu girlboners, now they have to expose others to explicit stories of themselves emptying their arseholes whilst naked on the toilet. They have a shitfetish. (Like attracts like.)

imagine the howling and the whining if they ever experienced an Actual Period.

As it is, one hour of bowel difficulties and he has to tell the world. A week? of bleeding and cramps and headaches? OMG the end of the world as we know it.

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I need to make an account and repost this to actual lesbians. If there are any real gay women they will flee. It will also ruin the illusion of the TIMsbians. Surely this must show them what they sound like

Periods aren’t over in an hour

Please do this. An influx of this on a lesbian sub would be great.

I avoid lesbian sites out of respect because I’m not a lesbian

But since r/actuallesbains is only 10% lesbian if, I’ll fit right in

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Trans women will never have periods. Period. Anecdotally, some experience a monthly recurrence of PMS-like symptoms, but realistically, this could just be their bodies reacting negatively to the estrogen…after all, these anecdotes could well be from males like this one who are trying to convince themselves and others that they are experiencing Being Female.

Also, WTF, there is so much oversharing about poop. He may have possibly just had cramps because of food poisoning…

Anecdotally, some experience a monthly recurrence of PMS-like symptoms

I wouldn't even give them this.

Yeah, like I said, I think these anecdotes are just coming from people like the Reddit OP. It’s probably wishful thinking.

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