Imagine wishing for the downfall of a female writer who has donated millions of dollars to those in need because she doesn't believe in your gender cult.

Not the pedos. Not the rapists. Not the sex offenders. Of all the celebrities that have done truly terrible things and continue escape consequences... You obsessively wish for JKR's downfall.

These creeps need to touch grass.

This is why I can't bring myself to be civil with these people. Before I tried to live and let live but they're just so uncompromisingly caustic and miserable. Every little minor inconvenience to them is a damn holocaust. No thank you.

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The link given by TRA 2 predictably leads to one of those tAkEdOwNs with what they THINK JKR was actually saying. Which defeats the purpose of reading it yourself and forming your own opinions on it. Contains hot takes such as:

A Reasonable Person’s Guide to the J.K. Rowling Essay | https://archive.ph/ln6Zf

[...] Concern #1: Trans activism is attempting to erase the distinction between sex and gender.
What in the name of…look, this isn’t happening.

Then why is saying "a transwoman is biologically male" transphobic? Better yet, why is Lia Thomas still racing as a "woman", and why are women getting impregnated in female-only prisons? They never answer this, do they?

Image Transcription: Reddit

What famous person’s downfall are you waiting for the most?

TRA 1:
J. K. Rowling.

Are you able to provide a direct quote from her essay showcasing exactly what was so terrible about what she wrote?

TRA 2: [Caption in orange: #1 example of not reading what JKR wrote herself]
If you actually care about learning, read this for a start.

[Link leads to an external article written by another TRA of their perspective on JKR's "transphobia".]

TRA 1: [Caption in orange: #2 not checking what the link was]
I've read the essay in hopes of it not being some "think of the poor children" and "they only transition to escape their gender/out of peer pressure" shit.

I read this, hoping that, maybe, she isn't a massive piece of shit and has good points, but just said the wrong shit in the wrong situations on Twitter.

But seeing that she couldn't refrain from that shit, and pulled a "I wonder if I would be trans had I been born 30 years later, in a weaker willed generation" instead... Yeah, so...

Why do I need to learn how to understand this hateful bitch, who can't go for more than three paragraphs without insulting "men who believe they're women"?

I have two eyes, I have a goddamn brain, I am capable of understanding the English language. I don't need someone to interpret this woman's text for me.

She hates being called a TERF? Well if she wouldn't call police community outreach for trans people "virtual signaling" and worthless, she wouldn't come off as a person who can't be racist because she has a black friend

And again, why is her synonym the name of a fucking conversion therapist?

That's like saying racist shit on Twitter and saying "no, I'm just being misunderstood" while releasing books under the pseudonym Nathan B. Forrest.

TRA 2: [Caption in orange: #3 not checking who was replying]
Hey, I think you might've mixed up a few comments. I'm fully on your side and agree with everything you said.
I posted a break down of her hateful manifesto to someone asking "can you show a direct quote?".

TRA 1:
Aah, sorry.
Long day of shit, this thread is just... Like.. The cherry on top. Sorry.

TRA 2:
All good. I'm getting tired of constantly dealing with transphobes as well, it's frustrating as hell.

There was also plenty of talk about her somehow advocating for the mass murder of trans people, and to the surprise of no one, they could not provide any receipts. Someone else admitted that he didn't even know what Rowling even said, and still had the audacity to say that she was in the wrong.

Saw this thread on Reddit and knew some moron was going to post JK Rowling. Glad it wasn't in the top comments at least.

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Its sitting at 285 votes. The top comment is like 32,2K. So it's not that popular lmao

What did they mean by "her synonym is the name of a conversion therapist"?

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I think they are referring to her Robert Galbraith pen name. They always want to claim that she took the name from this controversial psychiatrist who participated in conversation therapy. (Link is to his wikipedia article)

Of course, this obviously isn’t true and she has gone into why she chose the name. On her website, she answers the question of why she picked it. (Link is to Robert Galbraith site, where you can read an FAQ about the name).