I see that the focus is on doing 'woman things' such as a skin routine and putting more products in your hair and not running the household/all the boring skivvy elements of being the woman/wife/mother of the house. Also, suggestion seems to be that his wife isn't burned out because surely she can't have anything going on as stressful as dysphoria. Funny that eh? 🙄

It’s play. They are playing a ‘role’. Play is about fun not real world.

I honestly don't know what they expect when it comes to their spouses. They ask their wives to see them as women and then go all shocked Pikachu when the wife wants a divorce. Wouldn't it be worse if your wife stayed with you, implying she still sees you as a man? Or do they expect the women to spontaneously change their sexual orientation? It's so ridiculous

[–] hontrapoints [OP] 🤢🤮 47 points

They don't respect female sexuality at all. If you're a lesbian, they'll tell you that a "good pp" would change your mind because they want you to have sex with them. If you're straight, they'll tell you that you're definitely bi-curious because they want to have a threesome with another woman.

They don't care. Silly women can't be sure of themselves.

I read a feminist blog post once, back before the libfem-radfem split,* about male vs. female sexual preferences, talking about how men like to go on and on about which women and which acts make their peepees hard and which don’t; women, on the other hand, have holes that “can accept anything, so why don’t you?” instead of committing genocide by having preferences and turning men down for sex.

*I realize there have been differences for a long time, but I feel like the split got serious around 2015 when trans issues got big.

It was serious before then, but I think the trans issue revived radical feminism, ironically. Before that, at least IME, radical feminism was the way of the dinosaurs.

[–] LOriginedumonde 36 points Edited

Porn should be classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance. Further down the post the guy admits that they have a 3 month old and his wife is struggling with postpartum depression.

Also, this made me crack up ⬇️ His wife should leave his ass and have fun with the tripod from tinder.

I've tried the open relationship to keep her happy but it actually caused a lot of issues too. Without being too crude we selected a guy together on tinder she met him and turned out he was extremely well endowed, Like crazy big. She kinda got addicted to it and we constantly fought. So now we have stopped that but I see she's sad. I don't know what to do either really.

Lol, such a womanly feeling, being jealous of a guy's big penis that's bigger than ours. Which lady cannot relate?

To be fair, I’m sure if she had met up with a woman he would have been just as jealous of her genitals lol. These men waste their pathetic lives fuming over things they can never have while trying to control the people who have what they want.

"tripod from tinder" I'M SCREAMING LMFAOOOOOO

Women are so insecure about the size of our dicks.

LOL this comment confused the hell out of me for a good minute

Yes, a very "womanly" concern ;)

That such a common story, guys pressure their gfs/wives into open relationship and end up at home while their wives go out and have fun. I don't feel sorry for this dude at all. Maybe in 5 years after he's blown up his entire life maybe he'll get some perspective but I doubt it.

What a selfish asshole. She really should leave him and live her best life minus one porn addicted scrote.

Well now she really knows she can do better. It's obvious this was the final straw for him rather than his fear about what transition would do to the relationship. He was happy to put her through as much suffering as he wanted and just guilt trip her for being a bigot if she didn't like it when he thought she was trapped (hence the typical TIMsband timing of "coming out" directly after a birth when she's suffering PPD), and now she's had a taste of freedom from him and is probably figuring out a long-term plan for her escape.

Find the "I just don't know how to be happy anymore" interesting. That implies that at one time he did in fact see himself as happy, at a time when according to trans doctrine he would have been 'closeted and living an unbearably painful lie.' Almost as if this wasn't in fact something that's just always been an innate part of him, and he's become less happy when he started thinking of himself as something he isn't and wanting to become something he can't be.

"I promised I would never transition, but then I started low-key transitioning anyway."

They seem to be upset that they might lose their live-in housekeepers...Boo hoo...

Ah yes he is burned out because of the 3 kids. Mhm. FFS my nigel is golden and yet I am the no.1 caretaker for our kid.

Transwidows in the making. I wish I could reach out to them.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 7 points

What do you mean golden?

I haven't cooked or touched a vacuum in two years. He loves and respects me more than anyone else ever did. He always puts me and our kid first.

[–] [Deleted] 10 points Edited

My hubs is the same. Does a big chunk of the housework, very little of the childcare though. I prefer it, he is missing out.

Image Transcription: Reddit

I don't know what to say to my wife anymore., submitted by u/miuzzo to r/MtF

So, about a year ago I came out to my wife. The first person that I knew irl that I did so with.

And it didn't go well, she went for a walk and we cried all night while she said we should divorcee because she's not attracted to women and she didn't want to hold me back.... This sent me into a huge panic attack where I made up reasons why I would never transition and it was weird for a few days.

Now since then I've taken on some new things, I'm growing my hair out. I have skin routines as well as laborious hair products. (Crazy porous curly hair- I f-king love it), I shave a lot more areas then I used to.

But we don't talk about it, she more or less ignores my dysphoria completely, and I'm scared as fuck to bring it up.

So I get these looks while I'm suffering from burnout with our three kids and dysphoria is hitting hard. And she looks at me like, what could ever be the problem and I just want to melt into a pool of tears, it's so hard to keep it together that I'm sobbing while writing this.

I just don't know how to be happy anymore.


Oh hon. I think u do know what u need to do, but ur scared. I'm also married, I also have 3 kids, I also came out to my wife about a year ago, and she was also the first person I told irl. While she is supportive and loves me and wants me to be my authentic self, this is very emotionally difficult for her and I don't think it'll end well for us tbh. Could you realistically see yourself in ur current situation many years down the line and happy and alive (not just surviving)? If you're like many others the answer is no. So then the question is if you're going to be ur authentic self one day, why not start today?

I made the decision to transition and have medically transitioned over 7 months ago and also now live full time as a woman. Again, idk what it'll mean for me and my wife but frankly I couldn't go on living a lie to myself anymore. With all of the pain that transitioning comes with (not going to lie there is a lot of it), I can truly say I feel whole


Thanks Jess, I'm so lost. I feel like I don't know how to live without her.

I was hoping that if I just slowlv started to transition and showed her I would still be the same person

[–] GenderHeretic 8 points Edited

I was hoping that if I just slowly started to transition and showed her I would still be the same person

While referring to your legal name as your "deadname".

This. And also, I love when people who have been hiding or lying about something significant go, "I'm still the same person!" Maybe you think you're still the same person because you've known whatever little secret you're keeping the whole time, but they thought you were someone else. This guy's wife thoughts she was married to and had children with a man, and now he's decided to spring on her that he thinks he's ackshually a woman, i.e. is pornsick and mentally ill. How is she supposed to handle that?

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