Please educate or discipline my behavior or thoughts

Excuse me? Is this for real? Discipline my thoughts??

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 33 points

She keeps saying that, too.

A part of me really hopes someone is just posting this nonsense and gathering these replies for some sort of massive expose. A giant list of everything that's "transphobic" - sharing beds with strange males, not showing with strange males, not validating a man's penis as feminine by sucking it....

Yeah, I did have the thought that it might be a TIM trying to garner sympathy for TIMs.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned!

She's a member of their church and doesn't want to get excommunicated. That poor idiot. Maybe she'll peak and find her way over to here. It's the best we can hope for.

To me, this whole post sounds like someone who isn't a native English speaker. But yeah . . . that line also creeped me out.

It takes some fucking nerve for the TiM to ask to share a bed with a woman he's just met, especially when there's a couch available. He didn't even ask "do you mind if I take the bed and you sleep on the couch?" Nope, just "can I sleep in your bed with you?"

You know he saw his chance and decided to go for it.

I wonder if he's gone crying to their mutual friends with accusations of transphobia yet.

As an aside, if there were a couch available, I would not ask to share a bed with someone else, regardless of their sex or gender identity, unless it was a close friend.

Same, it's awkward enough when it's someone you know well enough to feel completely comfortable around, and it sounds like they barely knew each other. But then again, guessing their mutual friends didn't want to share a bed with him either...unless they just weren't his 'type.'

[–] darksunset 42 points Edited

Sounds like some made up fantasy by a TIM to create a Preddit pile-on of a woman not wanting to share a bed with a male in womanface. If it is true and she is unfortunate enough to come across him again, she will hopefully realize her instincts were correct once she gets to know him better and sees his narc rage and APG on full display.

The last, transmisogyny, is a combination of sexism and transphobia applied to trans women. Generally it involves seeing us as more dangerous than other women

Reality is a TERF, yet again

Right? Why would they be more safe than other men? They're the same picture. And they know men are more dangerous than women because that's the excuse they use to demand access to female spaces.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 18 points

Imo they are more dangerous than other men.

If I have to choose between the man who's pushing himself into my spaces and the man who isn't, guess which one I'm taking.

That's the thing about TIMs, they have a way of making other men look decent in comparison.

Statistically they're even more dangerous than other men! The crossdressers especially love rape and pedophilia if we go by incarceration data.

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It was my first time meeting her, as she was a mutual from another friend that came with us on the trip.

The male should have shared a bed with the woman who brought him.

[–] OwnLyingEyes 27 points Edited

After she quite literally gave up the bed to the TIM and slept on the couch instead, no less.

This poor, utterly cowed woman.

Edited to add: for all of the anger over the damage handmaidens do to women's rights, they can still be pretty pitiable. This is a legitimately pathetic story, from a woman trying to 'be kind' to the utterly merciless. I have no doubt she'd parrot the importance of respecting consent, and is this utterly meek and apologetic to exercise it by actually saying no, even as deferentially as she did. Her update that she'll 'do better' likely means she'll be too broken to do it a second time, unless closer contact with 'Sarah' is able to snap her out of it.

Edited again because keep coming back to this thread due to being legitimately angry over this: I want to mail this woman a copy of "The Gift of Fear" and a spine.

The self-flagellation about her body's survival instinct kicking in is just . . . nauseating.

Ikr? She wants to be "educated" and "disciplined" like a dog for her wrongthoughts.

A dog was exactly what came to mind. Except even dogs usually get to decide to not share a bed with someone if they don't want to.

Yup. I haved a friend who said it would make her very uncomfortable if a male were in the locker room, but my other friend told her it's good for her to stretch her boundaries with gender.

Tell the other friend to stretch her boundaries by changing in the men's locker room.

[–] no- [OP] 5 points Edited

They would need to tell the men in there to identify as women first. Then it's ok /s

I had to stop reading, the self-flagellation was actually painful to read. I feel so bad for this woman.

[–] ArmedFemme 🪖🎖️ 15 points

Just a side note to add that there is no such thing as “fully transitioned”, only transitioning whatever aspects of themselves to alleviate the individual trans person’s dysphoria or meet their euphoria. “Cis-passing” is a toxic concept that reinforces the Gender Binary and the essentialist notion that gender = sex = specific morphology. Trans (binary or non-binary) people don’t have to transition at all, or transition only certain aspects. Cis is neither the default nor the standard by which other experiences of embodiment are to be judged.

This is some peaking material right here.

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Why is this surprising? It was an opportunity for a "trans" man to coercively rape a woman. Or at least get off sexually. Is there any doubt that he would have been masturbating next to her in bed if she was able to rebuff outright rape? Or that he probably did masturbate, while sniffing the sheets, after she left the bed.

Everything these men do is easily interpreted and understood once you realize that everything they do is motivated by getting off and violating women to do so.

I would have had no compunction of asking the TIM to make a bed set on the floor.

It reminds of the book "The Gift of Fear". Trust your instincts. But now she has gone to the priesthood of White misogynistic male nonsense to punish herself.

Female Socialization in Action.

the priesthood of White misogynistic male nonsense

I feel like AGP is a white male disease at this point, men from other backgrounds don't seem be rewarded as much for becoming trans.

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I have to believe this is a fake post. Maybe the OP is in fact "Sarah" and a woman refused to share a bed with him. Or maybe the whole thing is a fantasy in his head.

I have to believe this because the alternative - that a women could be this self-loathing, this grovelling, this self-abasing, this brainwashed - is too distressing to contemplate.

"thank you for correcting and helping me understand and learn to become a better ally and friend." This can't be real. Can it?

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