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Most people, especially cis women, are never questioned about their decisions for cosmetic surgeries.

Umm, what? Women who get cosmetic surgery are ridiculed for being vain. And has she never seen those clickbait articles for plastic surgery disasters? The before and after slideshows of celebrities who got rhinoplasties and fillers?

How can they possibly put the fault on the trans community for 'manipulating' them into doing these things when they had years to think carefully about if they wanted it or not?

Because most detransitioners were young, impulsive, and dealing with other mental health problems. Therapists wrote letters and doctors wrote prescriptions without asking too many questions because you guys told them not to. "Better a happy son than a dead daughter", right?

It certainly has nothing to do with telling impressionable CHILDREN and teenagers that if they don't do all of these things NOW NOW NOW, they'll commit suicide, that they're told if their families and friends (who are being told the same thing) hesitate about doing these things NOW NOW NOW, it's because they hate them and WANT them to commit suicide, that they're lied to about what these things do and don't do (acting as those these things are presented as being merely 'cosmetic surgeries' at the time is astoundingly bad faith from this idiot), that they're actively lied to about how 'harmless' and 'reversible' these things are, that they have the message being pushed at them from every angle that getting these things done will cure their depression and unhappiness and anxiety around sex and figuring out who they are while going through a frightening and new period of change as they become adults in a scary, dehumanizing world, that they're told feeling these things that almost every teenager feels to some degree means they're definitely trans, and that every trusted professional they may come into contact with in the process has either had their hands tied against doing anything other than AFFIRM AFFIRM AFFIRM or is actively a true believer who is thrilled to blast them past the point of no return at rocket speeds, that almost every checkpoint and safety measure has been torn down while the public continues to be lied to that the gatekeeping is rigorous, that they are able to access these dangerous procedures without parental oversight when far less harmful things are far more regulated (including bog standard cosmetic surgeries), that the growing reality of detransitioners is actively hidden from them and denied.