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This is a fantasy men have had and described multiple times but it’s inconsistent with historical men’s evaluation of women. Men constantly assert that women are mentally weak, nonviolent, risk averse, not aggressive, not sexually motivated etc. Without those traits it’s difficult to see how in the absence of men, women would continue men’s organization of society dependent on those traits. Stories like YTLM and Manhunt when women suddenly become “exactly like men” in the absence of men are just cope. If most males died off, women would continue being mainly communitarian, risk averse, less aggressive etc and life would be better for everyone. Men cannot cope with the fact that their existence is why life sucks so much both for themselves and for women 💁🏾‍♀️

Also the idea that if women had power we would treat men the way they treat us acts to sanitize their brutality as self defense. “If we don’t keep them broken as slaves, they will grow strong and enslave us.”

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This reminds me of a line from the show Living Single...

"What do you think would happen if all the men disappeared?"

"We'd have a bunch of fat, happy women and no crime!"

Naomi Alderman's "The Power" springs to mind.

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People act like women don’t have access to deadly weapons. We do and we do use them against men, children and other women. Just far far less than men do. Like most mammals female humans are most dangerous when our offspring are threatened. If women wanted more men dead we absolutely could accomplish that without any supernatural interventions. People need to accept that, among the many many wonderful things about women, we are also more peaceful. Its a fact 🤷🏾‍♀️

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If straight men vanished, wave bye-bye TIMS. Off you go with all of your brothers.

TIMs have more social power than women.

You cannot change my mind.

TIMS have more everything power than women. They're males. The only place they don't have more power than women is in getting straight men and lesbians to want to have sex with them.

Abusive sex work would continue? For whom?

Abusive sex work would continue? For whom?

I know right! There aren't enough rapey women to fuel a sex trade. And that would be even MORE true if all the men died (since statistically most women are heterosexual)

"Cis" men didn't disappear from that book; they became rape-obessed monsters.

"Cis" men didn't disappear from that book; they became rape-obessed monsters.

They became an excuse for the creepy writer to insert zombie rape. 🤮

At least Y The Last Man just killed them off


rape-obsessed monsters

Meme from The Office: “They’re the same picture.”

Yeah I read that book and it doesn't even make that point well. The worldbuilding is also a barely coherent mess, and not a single character is likeable or sympathetic - the author has no idea how humans think or act, much less women. It reads like he just needed an excuse to write the fetishy sex scenes and the violence (mostly against women) that he wanted to write.

I'm pretty sure he admitted he writes at least one rape scene into every book he writes so I think the entirety of Manhunt was written for his fetish.

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cis women

Has this idiot looked up patriarchy in a dictionary

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This post demonstrates a large trend that is now very common with TRAs. They are basically saying that cishet white women are a group of sexual predators and abusive people on par with (the stereotype of) straight men. They don't bother to post any evidence for their claims, they just expect people to agree. And it actually works?

This is fetish fodder. Pure fetish fodder.

Fine, wank to whatever you want, just don't pretend it represents society in any meaningful way.

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