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Who’d want to date some tosser claiming to be β€œnb” anyway, whatever their sex?

you might as well consider afab nb people women

cough yes that's the point cough

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Issa LOT of nbphobia coming from inside the house...AMAB nb ppl especially still get a lot of flack and exclusion just based on being AMAB and don't even get me started on AMAB nbs who don't physically or socially transition. To a lot of yall they might as well be cis men.


non binary people, post a take on being non binary that could get you canceled.

binary people do not interact


like alot of u weirdos who say u "only date women and nb people" never fucking mean amab nb ppl. it's super reductive and it's like. damn. u might as well just say u consider afab nb ppl women.