"non men" makes men the default and its dehumanizing

This is everywhere in the gender identity cult. The female sex is being erased, the male sex is not touched at all. On the progressive side we currently have one biological sex: the male one, and it can be called men and boys. Anyone belonging to the other biological sex is called by some insulting term (vagina-haver, bleeder), but nobody talks about ejaculators outside GC circles.

Because misogynists put women and failed men in the same category.

This is the part that bothers me the most. How do we define men in that kind of a setup?

Misogynists are not welcome here.

💜🤍💚 Here are a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Men who pretend to be women are men.

Women are female; men are male.

Lesbians are female homosexuals and exclusively own all sapphic spaces.

Calling men who pretend to be women "women" makes you a misogynist.

Lesbians are female homosexuals. Lesbians are not male heterosexuals. And no matter how much whining they do, misogynists can't change that fact.

This all doesn't need to be said, because reality exists independent of people's words. Reality doesn't require mass campaigns of psychological control with official contradictory slogans to be repeated ad nauseam; reality doesn't rely upon doublethink or propaganda-induced fear for compliance. I am not forgetting any facts, because reality is impossible to forget, not sorry.

I wish I could print this comment out and put it on posters everywhere!!

[–] ArmedFemme 🪖🎖️ 25 points

Man says lesbians aren’t welcome in a lesbian space. Ironic.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 12 points

but also not ironic, because scrotes gotta scrote

Indeed. Except it's not seen as ironic by those in that space. That is what is so terribly sad.

I love not being welcomed to sausage parties. That definitely isn’t hurting my feelings. Y’all can have that.

[–] caelian ♀️♀️ 14 points

What about the men who identify as lesbians??? Idk sounds like gatekeeping saying lesbians are "non-men"

[–] no- [OP] 4 points Edited

Some TIFs identify as lesbians (rightfully so).

[–] caelian ♀️♀️ 4 points

Yeah by their definition of gender, TiFs are "men" but a lot of them still call themselves "men" and lesbians so why the gatekeeping?

So two dudes who identify as non-binary are now lesbians. Why are they obsessed with making "lesbian" inclusive of everything? Why didn't "gay" or "queer" suffice or expand to fit EVERYONE? I don't get why they're obsessed with this particular term.

Because men are obsessed with lesbians, that's a fetish in itself.

[–] spaghettiforhair LiTeRaLlYvIoLeNt 8 points

So then what are women who exclusively love other women if not lesbians? That's my question. Those women definitely exist and it's definitely homophobic to erase them.

Their argument typically goes "there is no reason anyone would ever need to describe female human beings only, so you're transphobic for even asking"

[–] spaghettiforhair LiTeRaLlYvIoLeNt 3 points

That's exactly it. It's total erasure. Everyone is allowed to be a woman except for women.

[–] mathlover 4 points Edited

Lol. Lots of heterosexual men playing make-believe "lesbian" who get so enraged when they find that no lesbian will ever want them. Lesbians keep saying no to these (and all other) men.

It doesn't help that the straight or bi women in relationships with TIMs self-identify as lesbians to please their partners.

Yeah. By definition the only women who willingly get with men are bi or straight. So all the women with these guys are bi or het women falsely calling themselves "lesbian". It is infuriating.

MEN are not welcome here.

💜 Here's a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Transwomen are men.

All women have vaginas, all men have penises.

Enby lesbians are misogynist "not like other girls" women and are not welcome here and in all sapphic spaces.

Calling women "females" is degrading yet necessary, because some fuckwits refuse to acknowledge the meaning of "woman".

Lesbians are women who love women. Lesbians are only Cis women who love Cis women. And no matter how much whining they do, men and homophobes can't change that fact.

Evidently this all needs to be said all the time. Moids and handmaidens are always ignoring these types of facts however, fuck them.

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