Amazing, ready to join the Church of the Gynes. We require spaces free of any males and can only use sex-based pronouns for others. Paid menstrual time is required.

They probably imagine they’re doing this in a “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” taking the piss on religion kind of way, but they’re on shaky ground with gender ideology being a quasi-religious metaphysical belief system to its very core. I would love to see this backfire in a way that makes it easier to keep this shit out of public schools.

LOL, one of the TIM comments on that post:

Whooo boy, I really hope this doesn't become a cult.

Is already is and you’re in it.

The only place where "love of your true self" means using hormones, drugs, and surgery to completely change everything about yourself.

Oooh, so we're now in the step where the cult becomes an officially recognised church!! Exciting

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I found it on r/atheism of all things lmao. By a TIM of course

Also wow, a lot of posts here are LGBTQ. Wonder why none of them see the similarities.

Image Transcript: Reddit

So yeah, I started a whole dang religion to fight these anti LGBT laws by WildfireSmile

I did a radical thing to help fight these oppressive anti trans laws and wanted to share with y’all and the MTF sub said I should!

I have a teenager who is FTM transgender. We live in Oklahoma and 3 days ago he told me he’d end his own life if laws like the one in Alabama passed here in Oklahoma and he could no longer get his testosterone treatment.

I am fed up. I am mostly a total nobody but one thing I do have is a large following on TikTok. So I had this radical idea and shared it with them and boy oh boy is it gaining momentum so I figured I should share it here, too.

Basically all of these anti trans bills are being funded by Christian nationalist legal organizations like the ADF and ALEC behind the scenes. All done under the guise of religious freedom. Well WHAT IF I started a new religion whose tenets of faith INCLUDED gender affirming medical care and transitioning as a part of its core doctrine. It’s not unheard of! The Satanic Temple has abortion as a religious ritual and has had some success. And it’s not hard to start a church. John Oliver started one on his show. So I asked my followers. What if we really did this.

Well it’s 24 hours later and we have over 22,000 members, I gathered a board of directors and we submitted the paperwork to be a non profit, and it’s blowing the fuck up all over TikTok. Turns out people are as serious as I was about using these fascists own playbook against them.

Maybe it’s stupid. But I have officially started The Church of Prismatic Light and I’m working to be federally recognized as a religion. One that can be used if states try to ban HRT or pass other anti trans laws as violating OUR Religious freedom.

No idea how this will go but damn it it’s worth a shot and I’m tired of not being able to fight back. So wish me luck I guess, because yeah, I just started a grassroots movement.

(PS it’s a secular religion with no diety just the love of your true self)

Until the website is up please find us at r/prismaticlightchurch

The Church is on TikTok and is where the services are held

Do these numb nutsacks not realize that by virtue of this "law" we would ALL just form our own religions that would cancel them out AGAIN? We've been saying it all along - we don't believe in gender, do whatever you want to yourself, I won't play along. They really don't see it, huh?

And his niece... again, always with the suicide threats. Women are getting fucked over by these men but if WE threatened to commit suicide, people would ENCOURAGE US TO. That's how weighted this garbage is.

Women are getting fucked over by these men but if WE threatened to commit suicide, people would ENCOURAGE US TO. That's how weighted this garbage is.


Pretty sure it’s his daughter, not niece. He said “I have a teenager who is FtM”

Wow. We really have an entire generation that doesn't know how to deal with mental health and disappointment. Why not get your kid some real health care, instead of helping them maintain their delusions?

Various religions have been trying to cure or erase lgb and gnc people since the dawn of time. This is nothing new.