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So if you remember the "I would have been so racist to you" nazi to trans pipeline comic, yeah. That was made by her too.

She has a LOT of other shit take comics like this that only mock and belittle the conservative / libfem / TERF side and shows an extremely shallow understanding of what GCs or radfems actually talk about.

It's amazing how no one sees the hypocrisy of her mocking "actual transsexuals", especially considering the old school ones like Buck Angel etc who've done this WAY before it blew up mainstream.

Loaded with internalized and externalized misogyny. Of course she's a raging TIF.


It's not the comics that scare me, it's the sheer amount of views and likes on them.

Image Transcript: 4-Panel Comic

[Panel 1: A person in a black shirt shouting at a person in a pink shirt, wearing a hair clip and a transgender flag wrist band.]

Black Shirt

You call yourself a "trans man" and present like this?

[Panel 2: The person with the black shirt is revealed to have a "REAL TRANS" logo on the shirt. The figure stands in the foreground, in front of the speech bubble, partially obscuring some of the words as Black Shirt launches into a rant.]

Black Shirt

As a REAL TRANSSEXUAL I find it highly OFFENSIVE when our [obscured] appropriate our suffer- [obscured] out of it! Do you know how [obscured] dysphoria? You call yourself a [obscured] and a hair clip? YEAH right [obscured]

[Panel 3: Pink Shirt has reached out to pinch Black Shirt's lips shut.]

Pink Shirt


[Panel 4: Closer view of previous panel, with a shadow falling across both characters. Pink Shirt has reached has a deranged smile.]

Pink Shirt

Shut the fuck up.

This doesn't make them look good in ANY light.

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We don't explore the "Nazi transgender" thing as much as we should. We could really use that against the entire movement with some planning.

Even inside the trans community, there's plenty of people who are disturbed by this and disturbed by the TIMs who talk openly about being incels. But I've never seen any big GC figure talking about it either, few people seem to be aware of it.

If this information was plastered everywhere, if everyone could see the bizarre overlap between literal Nazis and "trans women", that would raise a lot of eyebrows.

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This actually became a running joke with a friend after someone in our old* discord "came out" with their nazi fetish. I didn't take very long for the rest of the TIM's in the server to jump on board and start a discussion on how hot the uniforms were. The TRA's did the most to make sure their fetish was valid~ of course. Sigh After that, whenever it came up, me and a couple other friends would just spam the chat with strawberries- just because that seemed to be another thing TIM's refer to a lot

Lmao, holy shit! Just the few comics on her page are just so obtuse it's hilarious. It takes so much more effort to purposely not understand our side or any side for that matter.

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Ah, telling women to shut up. The main theme of the trans movement.