TRA: “Cis isn’t a slur, it’s a neutral term describing a phenomena”

‘TERFs’: “Man isn’t a slur, it’s a neutral term describing a phenomena”

Right? Man describes the phenomena of humans born with the reproductive system geared towards producing small gametes. It's a neutral term.

'but how can you define a man that way due to [niche intersex example or medical condition]' !!!!!????!!!!

however you must accept the gender soul that no one can define or find evidence for - DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS YOU BIGOT


I don’t have a “gender identity” I have a sexed body and a personality.

Can any of them even define “gender identity” ?

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They can’t even define personality, which is no wonder since they are seriously lacking in that department.

Lol. Very true, their precious “gender” (commonly known as regressive and unimaginative stereotypes) is their personality. Incredibly boring, aren’t they?

Lol no - that’s the hilarious thing

I’ve tried and tried and all they say is “an inner sense of being a man or a woman” - well, what’s that??

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I report every single TRA/TIP that calls me cis for "misgendering". Every single one.

Sorry if you don't like your own weapons turned and used on you, but thems the rules!

Cis is 100% a slur because it's like calling atheists "Godless". It insinuates there's more to it than simply not believing in someone else's religion.

I can't read the linked thing, for some reason. But I can give a few general opinions: 1. There is zero evidence that everyone has a gender identity. This is an axiom or assumption a trans theorist has made. We don't have to believe it as it is probably not true. 2. Those who have never transitioned and who feel that they might have a gender identity seem to base it on the experience of living in a sexed body. In other words, that identity doesn't just somehow happen to match the sex of their bodies but is BASED on it. So all those people and all those who have no gender identity but just a biological sex are erased when faux wokes erase all names for the female sex. We become bleeders, ovary-havers, egg-producers and individuals with a cervix. 3. Being reduced to stereotypes is what **will ** happen with the gender identity cult, because there is nothing else that gender could be based on once biological sex is erased. Or at least nothing else someone could 'perform' to show what gender they want to be seen as. So now every single woman who accepts being called a woman is assumed to be passive, submissive, emotional and nurturing (all parts of defining femininity). Or something far worse in terms of sexist stereotypes.

The 'cis' shit is really so much nastier than how it looks. It's like those boiling-the-frog-slowly examples, i.e., doesn't seem that much to ask from us, but when we think it through it's about as regressive as anything coming from the MRAs or the anti-feminist religious extremists. And accepting it means we agree with the underlying beliefs.

Great comment, thanks for putting into words exactly how I feel about being called "cis".

I straight up tell them their "gender" is made up nonsense that doesn't mean dick.

They usually will bloviate about "valid" or "validity" of their made up "identity".

I say, "It's not valid and your feelings and imagination are irrelevant to objective reality".

Y'alls "gender identity" has been here for all of 5 minutes, calm down.

"it's a neutral term describing a phenomena, but it's being used for people who aren't used to having to question aspects of the self and have them categorised by scientific language" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

No, I don’t call myself cis as I clearly don’t fall understand your ‘cis’ definition of ‘someone with a gender identity that aligns with their sex’


What even is a gender identity? Personality? Taste in clothes? A fetish? Yet these people want to get biological sex replaced in law with those arbitrary things. They're insane.

[commenter] I know cis isn’t a slur because none of my GFs have called me one while fucking me.

[op] ... Yikes, sorry about that

[commenter] It was t4t relationships so at that point it’s just sweet talking lol

This exchange makes me very sad

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