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There has been some speculation in the media over the past few days on the implications of the Bill for sport. Frankly, I have been puzzled by some of what has been said. Let me make it clear that it will not be possible for a man simply to declare that he is of the opposite gender and then compete in women's competitions. A person seeking recognition in the acquired gender will have to apply to the panel, and a gender recognition certificate would be issued only if the panel were satisfied that all the criteria were met.

Source: Brilliant thread by HairyLeggdHarpy on Twitter.

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The twitter format really doesn't do this thread any justice. So many things that were perfectly common sense in 2003 (!!) all happening in real life now. Sad...

Archive just in case: https://web.archive.org/web/20191223045254/https:/twitter.com/HairyLeggdHarpy/status/1049289194370002945

ikr! And all this proves is what she said in the thread "It's not like nobody thought this through. The Govt saw the consequences and accepted them."

and Excellent, thank you!

And yet, unsurprisingly, like clockwork, the things that will never happen always happen, and the things that DO never happen always happen too.

So glad you mentioned this twitter account! I don't have twitter, but have been able to read hairyleggdharpy's and others threads because I bookmarked them before twitter made it too hard. She was/is a great source of information. She hasn't posted anything since August 2021, although I still check periodically. Do you know what has happened to her?

I was banned from twitter (for defending lesbians being lesbians :|) about a year ago so unfortunately I don't know! She was still there when I got banned though. And bloody fantastic. I didn't even realise she hadn't posted since then, what a damn shame, and I have no idea what happened. Hope she is well though! Taught me so much. Really hope it's not anything serious, and that it's just that life got too busy or that she's taking a break x

To the best of my knowledge she is fine but taking a break.

Thanks so much for that. I'm glad to know she is ok. I completely understand the need to take a break.