Woman learns that men are self-centred bastards who only care about other men, thinks the problem is women complaining.

Not a single man thinks that this chick has any masculinity or is their equal.

Does she mean she and her TiF friends have to expend enormous emotional energy propping up one another's fiction that they are actually men?

What does that even mean? Are we supposed to understand that men call each other randomly to praise each other's penis or what?

I know right?! "care-taking one another's masculinity"? What would that involve, exactly?

It makes it sound as though masculinity is a baby or a rambling old falling down building. Hmm.


You still aren’t part of it

They don’t think you’re a man, cuz ur not

Yeah, we call that a circle jerk. I thought that’s the point we’re making about men. They only care about their own egos and maintaining the male status quo and put little effort into collective community emotional labor, beyond one’s own well interests.

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caretaking of one another’s masculinity

Translation: validating other TIFs’ delusions.

How the fuck do men take care of each other...? And their ‘masculinity’? Lol. Uh... what. 😦

Haha, I think this is the real explanation, and it’s hilarious.

When I thought she was talking about actual men I was slightly concerned for her!

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Indeed. I'm pretty sure actual men do FA to support each other emotionally. Support each other in a fight, yes. Support each other by giving each other promotions at work, yes. Support each other by publishing/promoting/consuming art & culture by other men, yes. Support each other by presenting the male perspective, yes. Support each other by amplifying male voices, yes. Support each other by ringfencing power for other men, yes. Support each other by encouraging and covering up abuse, yes.

Support each other emotionally? Naaah.

Or you're projecting your own insecurities about masculinity onto men, while simultaneously absolving them of the need to share in emotional labor.

The delusion. Jesus. If the testosterone doesn't kill her first, she'll look back at having unironically posted shit like this with horror and shame.

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