[–] NotCis 103 points

It’s pretty telling that the experience was bad for him because women were there and the visit proceeded normally. No one shouted insults at him. No one told him to get out. No one told him he wasn’t a “real woman.” All it took for him to have a negative experience was seeing women existing. What a misogynistic worldview.

Women: ~exists~

TIM: Explodes with rage.

These people are fucking lunatics.

And then he had the gall to get butthurt that the vagina doctor couldn't fix his manhole. LOL

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 7 points


Oh great, now I’m going to get the sniggers every time I drive over a manhole cover.

See, that’s the difference with dysphoric women and fetishistic tims. We feel out of place and dysphoric when men start to bond using our oppression. Had two male friends who used to fight a lot, but always agreed and made peace immediately when they wanted to objectify and degrade me. I feel horribly dysphoric with this male bonding using my oppression as motives. Now tims get dysphoric with our mere existence. I wish all women could finally wake up to how much men hate us

And because it was woman-focused healthcare asking questions that apply to only women. The fact that we are even getting our basic needs met is an affront to him.

[–] Riothamus scrote 97 points

It made me feel so fake, ashamed, and so very out of place.

He's almost figured it out.

All these women with their female bodies in this female space are MAKING ME FEEL FAKE. They're so EVIL and TRANSPHOBIC how dare they MAKE ME feel like this.

No wonder we're having books published in which fantasy killing sprees of "TERFS" take place.

They don't hate us because we say they're men. They hate us because we make them realise they're men just by our EXISTING.

Exactly. It doesn’t matter how supportive and kind we are. We can be the biggest handmaidens in the world for them. We still make them feel bad about themselves just by existing … our support is never enough.

We could set ourselves on fire in protest for trans rights and they'd still scream and complain about our charred pelvises being identified as female.

I wish I could make the handmaidens understand this. No amount of groveling to them will EVER be enough. The TIMs hate their handmaidens just as much as they hate us TERFs

If you're feeling fake, shameful, and seriously out of place in this situation... it's because you are.

Shame serves a fucking purpose. He should feel shame about stealing a much needed appointment from an actual woman. OBGYN appointment slots are in high demand, always.

And its especially shitty if the OBGYN is female (the slots are even more limited if you don't want to use a male gynecologist). And I'm positive the TIM in this story used a female OBGYN

And yet putting my money down that he will continue to intrude on women's everything, while remaining mad that women are conspicuously something he isn't.

Get used to it asshole. You are not a woman, and women get pregnant, have specific physicians to deal with their female bodies, and if a questionnaire can make you feel out of place, maybe you are in the wrong place.

No, "people" get pregnant. Being pregnant has nothing to do with being a woman, yet it is something that every TIM wants because it's the ultimate womanly experience. How that makes any sense to them I don't know

[–] ProxyMusic 52 points Edited

TIMs and TIFs who've had genital surgeries should get specialist care from physicians with expertise in surgically altered urinary tracts and genitals starting with urologists and andrologists, not ob/gyns.

The surgeons who do "gender affirming" genital operations in the first place need to be tasked with providing follow-up care themselves, or reaching out to their brethren in other fields (other than gynecology) and helping them acquire the knowledge to treat TIPs.

Moreover, before getting "gender affirming" surgeries especially on their genitals TIPs should be required to find and line up a doctor who will agree to provide them with post-op care. For as long as there has been modern medicine, many people have travelled out of their local area, state, country or hemisphere to get specialist surgeries. In most/many of those cases, it used to be the custom that the surgeons would never agree to do a surgery on patients who live afar unless they'd received a letter from a physician local to each patient saying they would provide follow-up care once the patient returned home. It's high time that TIPs were held to the same basic standards that other medical patients are routinely held to as a matter of course.

Also, it's long been the custom that in countries like the US, women who've gotten care from ob/gyns or midwives during pregnancy and plan to give birth in a HCF or at home with a HCP present would have to select a pediatrician before giving birth. Because the job of ob/gyns, midwives and maternity nurses is to help women during pregnancy, labor and birth and to provide women with care afterwards; the health care that newborns need is the specialty of nurses and doctors who do pediatrics. (One of the reasons in favor of hospital births is that most hospitals with labor and maternity wards also have NICUs, pediatrics staff and neonatal specialists on site 24/7. Lots of women choose to get prenatal care and birth assistance from an ob/gyn or midwife who is affiliated with this kind of hospital.)

Why is it that TIPs are the only group of elective surgery/treatment patients who are never never expected to make plans and provisions for the medical care they know they will need later on? Why is this one group of people seen as so special and different from the rest of us mere mortals that no one in the medical field or gender identity industry tells them to think ahead and advises them to take steps ahead of time so they'll be adequately prepared for the health care issues they'll be dealing with down the line? Even if TIMs and TIFs don't have post-surgical complications, or immediate negative impacts from their habitual abuse of Big Pharma hormone products, they will still need standard medical care the rest of their lives but will find few people trained to provide them with good care because what has been done to their bodies is entirely experimental.

Why is it that TIPs are the only group of elective surgery/treatment patients who are never never expected to make plans and provisions for the medical care they know they will need later on?

Because if TIPs were properly informed about the aftercare and the risks involved, few of them would go through with it. Also, making them jump through hoops gives them time to think and realize that MAYBE carving up the most sensitive, delicate part of their body is a bad idea.

This is why the trans industry just rubber stamps this shit and puts people on the conveyor belt ASAP

Because if TIPs were properly informed about the aftercare and the risks involved, few of them would go through with it.

TIPs would just scream about transphobia and conversion therapy if anyone mentioned the risks.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 57 points

imagine being a female ob/gyn who took that speciality to only have female patients and then in walks a man who a male surgeon has cut a false vaginal cavity into who you now have to write a treatment plan for. Transgender is the farce of all farces. If you put Oscar Wilde, Molière and Mel Brooks together they could not come up with something as insanely parodical as what transgenderism does every day

There are specialists for the issues they're bringing up: wound care specialist.

It's as ridiculous as asking your gynecologist for seizure medicine.

Oh you mean my podiatrist can't perform a colonoscopy?? ? Discrimination!

Oh you mean my podiatrist can't perform a colonoscopy?? ? Discrimination!

My eye doctor refused to give me breast implants. HELP HELP! I'M BEING OPPRESSED!!!

[–] hontrapoints [OP] 🤢🤮 10 points

First time I've ever seen a Molière namedrop! Throw in some Kafka and a heavy scoop of de Sade and maybe you'll get something kind of close to what our current reality is like now.

Never heard of that person,could you recommend something?

Molière? The most watchable/readable play of his is probably Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. Unfortunately the best youtubes of it are not subtitled. Maybe there's something at your library. Wicked 17th century fun.

Yeah pal, I imagine if I put a lima bean up my ass and then told the doctor I have prostate cancer, I would also be looked at like a freak. Maybe you should actually go to a doctor that specializes in wounds, rather than one that specializes in actual women.

He’s 6’1”, huge, and goes without saying he doesn’t pass. He looks really scary, straight up. I honestly feel so bad for the pregnant women in the office, my hormones and heightened sense of smell would have made me crazy in that waiting room

lol and of course he’s implying the nurses couldn’t tell till they “read his chart.”

I took a peek at his page. Almost 6 years on HRT and he still looks undoubtedly male! Yet he’s going to the gyn for his colon hole. The audacity of these men….

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 39 points

Awwww. Was the gyno's office not enough like those medical pornos you watch where the super hot lady doc gets you off? So sorry.


LOL he expected all the nurses to look like a "Slutty Nurse" Halloween costume (or the boob zombies from Silent Hill 2)

This person has no chance of ever being secure enough in their fantasy to live even a moderately content life. It is unkind to affirm delusional people.

You have been given everything you demanded. You have castrated yourself, you are receiving healthcare by people who value your well being enough to indulge your whims and have given up their safety and privacy to do so. You are being treated as if you were born female and needed female specific healthcare. You're in a battle with your own body and your perception of it. No one can win against reality.

You are fighting windmills.

[–] crodish 37 points Edited

This should be in Radfemmery lmao

He knew perfectly well he had had no reason to be at an ob-gyn. If everything about a woman makes you dysphoric, how can you claim then to feel like a woman?

Good luck with your inverted penis issues.

[–] Eava 34 points

"I want to be a woman, but not around women because they make me dysphoric. I want to be in women's spaces but not let any women in them because then I realize I'm not a real woman".

That is the next step. Women can't be in women's spaces because it upsets transwomen.

"I want to be a woman and around other women but only when everything is centered around me and they treat me and only me in the very special way I know I deserve because when I'm not being fed a constant supply of praise, validation, and accolades for simply existing I have to confront the fact that I'm a sad, broken person."

It sounds like that ob/gyn was willing and able to evaluate his fantasy vagina, but I don't know where one would go for fantasy organ treatment in general. Maybe it will become a new specialty.

I don’t know, it sounds like she washed her hands of it and referred him back to his surgeon. Might be an easier way than “sorry I don’t treat front holes.”

I know someone who is a 30-something OBGYN who thinks they should be taught to deal with these and uses the whole neutral terminology. She’s very proud of herself for wanting to learn about these. I think the shock of real life vs self-righteous fantasy for her would be similar to the porn vs. reality they feel.

Probably told him to douse it with water and hydrogen peroxide to kill everything harmful and... I don't know what else could you do for such a hole, like... Take care of it so it doesn't fester and there's not much else to do.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 0 points Edited

This should be in Radfemmery lmao

Why? This circle is about TIPs’ & TRAs’ own stupid words. Why would it belong in the other circle?

I meant it like this post was so stupid on its own that it should have counted being in Radfemmery on virtue of self-drag, wasn't an actual suggestion!

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 1 points

Oh, I think there’s a self drag flair here, though. I’ve seen mods on Radfemmery remove posts there because they should go here. I just don’t want people’s posts removed 😭 especially when they have a lot of comments already. Wish there was a way to transfer posts to different circles instead of removing them.

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