Actually, scientists in the 1970s noticed that the bones were female but that conclusion was rejected by "experts". A second analysis of the bones in 2016 backed their conclusion, but that was still rejected by "experts" until 2017 when DNA testing showed they were correct. Now experts have shifted tack and are questioning if the bones belonged to a warrior. Sexism continues...

My username is the name given to this particular skeleton. This is why I chose it. The pelvis has always been female, and we’ve always known she was a female. It’s literally modern science that assumed the body had been given the wrong pelvis, that she was placed in the grave by mistake, every excuse other than “she was a lady warrior.” Link

[–] GenderHeretic 14 points Edited

And now she'll be retroactively declared a "trans man" due to those same sexist stereotypes in 3... 2... 1...

Oh she already has been….that thread is a doozy.

Oh, of course she has! God, I don't understand how people can't see this isn't "progressive", it's the same old regressive shit.

I was gonna say... Even without knowing this context and history, the whole thing smacks of sexism. "Oh, a sword! A manly man, right here. Women can't even look at swords without thinking about blood and fainting."

She probably carried them around for the warriors. Like Adam Sandler in that movie, the WaterBoy

Yes. That's because. Archaeologists are notoriously known. For believing in gender roles. And ignoring anthropology.

Then, especially in the 90s and early 2000s, feminist archaeologists fought their butts off to introduce the sexing of skeletons as a wider praxis.

For a few years, this was successful.

Now, the sexing of skeletons is labelled transphobic and antiscientific, because "lolololol sword and shield = male, jewellery = female! How dare you say "female warriors" existed :c this was an AFAB nonbinary GNC king who was transmasc because only men can be warriors uwu".

Almost like we've come full circle. Almost like you woman-hating freaks never ever change.

Oh, so... despite vast amounts of what your lot would consider gender signalling, they could still easily sex the skeleton once they got over themselves enough to do it? Just as they'll be able to do with you long after your death?

At least this one isn't transing the Birka warrior woman, I guess.

[–] ArmedFemme 🪖🎖️ 29 points

Just because some misogynistic scrote didn't check the DNA doesn't mean that the sex changed. Lol.

So, you agree that gender roles are so common in history that trained scientists neglect to challenge their assumptions that people exist outside of their axiom?

Or, are you saying that playing dress up doesn't change your skeleton?

[–] Yemaya 16 points Edited

Why does it have 35k likes??? All he did was prove the argument he attempted to rebuttal right.

the point so called “transphobes” make is that DNA will always prove your sex even when you’re dead and gone.

….because of virtual signaling coupled with TIMs living their entire lives online (not unlike the Twitter OP)

If I recall correctly, men tried to claim they were male bones because they couldn't believe women were warriors. Then They were proven wrong. Then the trans fuckwad community tried to claim she was trans. Males will be males.

I would battle this clown by saying...

"I don't give af about vikings because nothing will change the sex of a confused male or female that wants to cosplay with offense sterotypes".

"HuRr DuRr muh Vikings" will not turn a male into a female or vice versa. So this means less than nothing.

This is another addition of "TRAs making up things no one ever said". When we say the bones things, we are talking about biology, not gender roles. If these dingbats knew anything about Viking culture they would know that some females did fight (it didn't make them any less female) w men. Sometimes men and women were buried together, if she has a sword adjacent to her corpse, does she magically transform? All of this is so stupid.

No amount of mental gymnastics will turn AGP Contrapoints or Samantha Lux (Man who yearned to wear high heels like Ariana Grande) into women. None.

More "sexism is good if it's validating" talking points from these clowns. Fucking hell.

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