Maybe people simply don't want this annoying dude around when work needs to be done.

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Funny how getting a physically demanding job and touching grass gave me the ability to lift heavy shit, guess my 5ft petite disabled female arse must turn in my Woman Card. /s

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Nah, your fetish showed you’re a lazy shit who won’t help anyone.

No actual woman brags about being weak.

Exactly. And no actual woman is weak. We're as strong as women are. Why should we default men's strength and try to compare? We have different bodies. I don't hear men saying how they are 'inadequate in menstruation' or 'weak in pregnancy'. Men are as physically strong as men, and women are as physically strong as women. This stupid misogynist sees women as men do, and thus defaults men and delights in perceived 'weakness'. Our natural bodies are the basic for our oppression; he delights in that which oppresses us. Isn't that grand? And cue libfems telling him how stunning and brave he is. I'm just exhausted

Narcissists are not fragile but they are avoided, like the plague

We need a compilation of screenshots like this which documents all the sexist ways TIMs believe they are women...does that exist somewhere?

These kinds of things always remind me of the fact that very few trans people actually have felt like the other sex as far back as they remember. Quite a few detrans people explicitly say that they thought they would be better looking as the other sex and get lots of romantic partners (these are often people who never even had sex before transitioning, very young, socially isolated and I find the experts allowing them to transition to be guilty of malpractice).

But this is probably an AGP individual.

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Pretending for just one second this isn't part of his LARP, dude needs to go to a doctor because being frail doesn't make him a woman, it makes him a man having a health crisis, likely due to cosmetic surgery complications and giving himself a massive and prolonged hormone imbalance.