I am invalidating their "identity" and "experiences". All that sh!t is a delusion.

I ask them what lining are you shedding? From where? Your dick and balls? Where is the menstruation leaving? Out your anus? That's not menstrual blood. That's feces.

My GC YT comments are always more upvoted (when they’re not removed/censored by the Almighty Algorithm).

ETA my favorite place to make them is under true crime videos where the offender is a TIM. The narrator has to use their pronouns because YT makes them or else the video gets striked and/or removed. There’s always a ton of GC comments including mine ganging up on the “who hurt you” misogynists and it’s great.

The real win here is that there were several other people who backed her. :)

SeNdiNg yOu LoVe aNd LiGhT

Fuck off.

They always go on the offensive and then play victim when they get called out on their shit.

Image Transcription: Youtube

Coi Flynn

This is really insensitive. I go through similar emotional cycles every month similar to how cis women have linked to their periods. You can't gate keep something like this.

Not to mention society has invalidated trans women so hard, even if it's a stretch let trans women believe anything that validates their experience.

A Slightly Twisted Female

You're a male. YOU are being insensitive to what we as actual females go through with Menstruation. We have absolutely zero obligation to "include you" in a struggle that is exclusively ours. Stop redirecting precious, limited medical resources towards your fantasy to colonize the female body and away from vulnerable females who actually need them.

Stop it.

You will never experience Menstruation, no matter how badly you want to. The same way that I will never experience fatherhood no matter how badly I wish I could produce biological children without bearing the reproductive burden.

Stop colonizing our bodies. Stop appropriating femaleness. We aren't a costume. Our bodily functions aren't a fetish for you to indulge in for your pleasure.

A Slightly Twisted Female

We don't need to "validate" your fantasies by invalidating our own biological reality. Foh.

Coi Flynn

@ A Slightly Twisted Female Who hurt you? Why inflict pain on others? What's the point? What are you gaining? Trans women are even HIGHER likely to be sexually assaulted. I'm a victim of this. Your vibrating at a low frequency and I send you love and light back sweetheart

A Slightly Twisted Female

And for the record: you do not go through the "emotional" cycles of a female menstrual cycle. And you never will. Menstruation is not some kind of "catchall" term for every Chemical imbalance related to mental illness.

I am an actual woman, who is on hormone replacement, and no, I do not experience anything like what l experienced while I was menstruating.

So please, enough. The only thing "gatekeeping" menstruation is biological reality.

A Slightly Twisted Female

This is not the space for you to gaslight women with and disrespect us with fake statistics. This is a space for women and their allies. Not male colonizers, such as yourself. Please see yourself out if you cannot conduct yourself with humility and respect for the women in this space.

*Christine Justus

@ Coi Flynn your narcissism is stunning.

A Slightly Twisted Female

It never ceases to amaze.

Jayne Harris

@ A Slightly Twisted Female , he is like "who hurt you", LOL. That is such a male retort, lol. That Y chromosome always shows itself, it's kind of hilarious.

Jayne Harris

@ A Slightly Twisted Female , i didn't get "emotional" when l had a period. Why do males think that we are a monolith. Small minds, l suppose.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 3 points

Loll I also had one say "I can't imagine what some trans person made you go through for you to have become so angry at all of us". 🤦🏼‍♀️

I'm angry at you because you think my existence is a costume for you to wear and you try to gaslight us non stop. Stop trying to pull the hurt animal rhetoric.

Don't you know, women are naturally blank slates? Women can only develop opinions if they result from the direct actions of a penis-haver.

The upvotes on the GC comments are giving me life. Shows that there are much more people who believe in the same things we do, while the TRAs like to act like we are some kind of extremist minority.

Also, whats his source on the "transwomen get sexually assaulted more than 'cis' women"? Sounds like bullshit to me.

[–] ProxyMusic 11 points Edited

Woo hoo! I love that ASTF is on fire in her refusal to put up with any of the BS that TIMs and the gender cult are churning out.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 6 points

OMG she has a Boston Terrier!!! Eeeek!

Ok. Fangirling done.

Never heard of this woman, but she gets a follow. Thanks!

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