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The Satanic Temple is basically Liberal troll organization. They're not actual satanists. They file lawsuits against Conservatives and Conservative laws and claim religious grounds to stop them. Usually I agree with them but not this. I am not surprised they would have this position.

Crossdressing satan? Isn't he the bad guy in powerpuff girls

omg dying 🤣 mojo jojo

edit: OH YOU MEANT HIM lmfao that makes more sense hahhaha

Image Transcription: Twitter post via Spinster

Lady Bexington, @ Ladyfat @ spinster.xyz

That awkward moment when The Satanic Temple loves sissy porn.

The Satanic Temple, @ satanic_temple_

No matter who you are or what you identify as, Satan loves and accepts all.

[Image of an inverted cross superimposed on the trans flag.]

TIPs aside how does the Satanic temple use the wrong cross?

Also I’m not surprised. They just do this shit to piss off conservatives.

Wrong cross?

The upside down cross is a catholic symbol, it’s the cross of St Peter. The satanic cross is the sulfur symbol

The upside down cross is literally the most common reference to satanism (as in, inverted christianity). It might also be a catholic symbol, but that doesn't change that it is used in this way.