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Nah dude, clits don’t release sperm or urine. That’s definitely a penis and clits don’t function like dicks.

It's actually so gross when you think about it, like they have a cloaca.

Wow, so brave. Has anyone told him how small his gametes look today?

I honestly hate this guy so much. White southern man demanding we worship his sooper special transness cuz we just lowly women now aren’t we 🙄

He also has an ex wife and kids he left back in his home state. He’s a textbook example of an AGP-fulled midlife crisis.

It's possible I live a very sheltered life, but I'm also fairly sure women don't pin women (or men) down and forcibly penetrate them with their clits, frequently doing physical damage which can include creating an unwanted pregnancy and all the harm flowing from that.

why do people keep playing along with those weirdos with their fetishes

like if you posted about getting off on wearing diapers or roleplaying as a dog you don't generally get so much positive attention at least not from the general public

but for some reason this is ok