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Sweetie, the journals don’t publish the names of rape victims

In quick answer to your 4, off the top of my head…

So ‘imprisoned women who became rape victims of Karen Whitewhen he was places in the Women’s ward’

and ‘10 year old sexually assaulted by TW Katie Dolatowski in Target bathroom

And female prisoner raped by Ramel Blount at Rikers NY, usa

And woman raped by Michelle Winters in Cambridge Crown Court in UK

Etc, rtc

So no names. Just traumatized victims

“No woman killed by us” Yeah? What about the dana rivers case? The tim who murdered Patricia Wright, Charlotte Reed and Toto 'Benny' Diambu-Wright? Do they not count? That’s just one I know. There’s also synthia china blast… tortured, killed, raped and set fire to Ebony Nicole Williams, who was 13 yo at the time. Do these victims not count? Now these cases that guy mentions…not a single one was killed by women, let alone radical feminists

Exactly. If anything, there are too many victims and trans identified rapists.

Well it would require him to actually fucking look in order to find this stuff tho

I looked up the names mentioned

Leelah Acorn died from suicide. It’s always tragic when a young person takes their life. But it’s not murder

Brandon Teena. I’ve read that Teena was not a TIF but just a butch lesbian. Not sure what to bely

Aimee Stephens.this was the guy who fought to be able to wear a skirt at the funeral home he worked it out. Died of old age. But hey, fluff up the names by all means…..but let’s talk about Aimee Challenor soon

Angie Zapata. Had sex with a guy while pretending to be a woman. Guy became murderous

Doski Azad. Iraqi/Kurdish TIM who was attracted to men. Killed by his brother in a homophobic honor killing. The huge vast majority of honor killings are female

Do they want us to list the individual names of the over 70,000 women who are murdered each year by men just like themselves, or do they only want us to name the victims of the men who happened to identify as women after they were arrested? Both lists are huge and both are growing daily.

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Lol JKR revealed herself as a TERF in the first place by publicly supporting Maya Forstater. These people are so fucking dumb, and if they want lists of the names of murdered women (twansphobic or not), reams of those obviously exist.

Image transcription: Reddit

You ever notice how TERFs never have any specific names to rally behind - because none of their scenarios ever actually happen?

Leelah Acorn. Brandon Teena. Aimee Stephens. Angie Zapata. Doski Azad.

We know a lot of names of people who went down fighting and need to be remembered.



All they have is vague what-if scenarios that haven't affected any real people yet, let alone taken lives.

"What if trans people did this to us tho??"


"this is totally an issue because it happened to my coworker's cousins's friend's yoga instructor's best friend; somehow, this shocking story always spawned exactly zero news articles, and can be corroborated in no way whatsoever"

They want to paint themselves as victims.

Yet they can't actually name any transphobes who've been victimized by us the way we are by them.

The closest they've had to an fallen fellow is...JK Rowling being 'cancelled' on Twitter.

Funny how that works.