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She’s right that the right puts us all together into one package, it makes no difference if it’s a man wearing a dress or a woman wearing pants. But the trans movement is doing nothing to make being on their side appealing for women except if we don’t, we… can’t work outside the home 🤔. Under trans a woman can’t have a job and political liberties, she can’t be a lesbian, she can’t form any female only groups for therapeutic or leisure reasons. Girls who have any potential to be lesbians or break gender stereotypes are brainwashed that they are boys, are sent testosterone and binders and if their parents don’t comply, they’re estranged. Feminism is already dead on the political left and women like the author killed it. And prostitution and surrogacy, “professions” that degrade women are part of the package, along with race grievances. Hmmm maybe women are going to look at the patriarchal family which has 2000+ years headstart in propaganda supporting it and think it sounds like the better option. The right wing guys are saying hey I’ll support you and let you have a baby safely. I’ll give you a happily ever after: you just have to wear a dress. The left wing guys are saying 50/50 on bills plus a cut of your OnlyFans and I have no intention of ever developing as a man bc that’s toxic. Like I said in my long comment about KJK, progressives have destroyed the future for many LGB people and women. If you destroy the future, people will look toward the past which is easy to romanticize.

It’s an easy fix for the trans movement, they just need to scale back their demands. Don’t go after kids, at all, ever, for anything. Keep transitioning for adults who have serious dysphoria. Protect female only spaces (be gentlemen) and let women have feminism. Stop telling your AGP friends they pass and that it’s ok for them to use the women’s. Condemn any and all abuses of trans inclusive policies that embolden criminals. Stop celebrating men going into women’s sports. If a woman says “no uterus no opinion” don’t correct her. If you’re going to ruin people, don’t do it to your own team. Yes radical feminists the biggest critics of the patriarchal family on the left, are on the same team as you! Your enemy recognizes it! But you don’t!

Ultimately the trans movement is a movement driven by the same horrific male sexual entitlement and gender stereotypes as the patriarchal family, except, contrary to what the author claims, it did “work” for thousands of years. Trans hasn’t worked since it came on the scene.

The trans movement can’t stop and control itself, just like the movement for a stronger patriarchy won’t stop until age of consent and bigamy and domestic violence and divorce laws fall. Men just can’t stop.

This this this. I in no way want to get shoved back into women's role in society before all of the gains made by the Second Wave, and intend to fight that push every step of the way. Generation after generation of women were stymied and stifled, pressed into roles that didn't fit them, denied access to the resources and services needed to live independent lives on their own terms, and restrained from developing their potentials, pursuing their interests, pursuing justice for wrongs enacted by men against us, exercising their agency. My grandmother was "benignly" permitted to pursue her PhD in a hard science as long as she had dinner on the table by 6:00 PM every night; she was an anomaly in so much as being allowed to do so in the first place. But women made lives for themselves under these subjugated conditions. Women endured them, found things to look forward to, found things to make their lives worth living to them; some even found ways to thrive and to break through societal obstacles in pursuit of the lives they wanted to live. There are so many women who did inspiring things and led inspiring lives under historic patriarchal conditions (and women who do so to this day in parts of the world where women have fewer rights than those I've been able to take for granted). Feminism was born and found its footing under such conditions.

But the world so many TRAs aspire to sounds even more dystopian for women. It's patriarchy saturated in extreme porn. It's women treated as disposable props for validation, where we can be punished for not playing along with these creeps' fantasies to their satisfaction, and imprisoned with violent male offenders against women (or a world where those violent male offenders aren't imprisoned at all, ever). It's constantly being on guard against wrongspeak and constantly fearful of who might catch us, being interrogated for suspected wrongthink, being under the constant supervision of men skinwalking us. It's our children being indoctrinated and preyed upon and sterilized and having our hands tied to prevent it. I want no part of the future they envision. And I'm angry as hell that we're increasingly being forced into choosing between aspiring 1950s patriarchs and the Pronoun Taliban popping boners in their lingerie as our male overlords.

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Hear, hear. Trans is patriarchy that openly promotes sex crimes.

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"As the right wing moves to immiserate or kill everybody but cis, straight, white guys..."

Jude Ellison S. Doyle, the author, sure doesn't shy away from using disingenuous, hyperbolic, fear-mongering language...and, what better way to rile up the woke genderists than by falsely asserting that people on the right don't want trans people to exist?

This disingenuous hyperbolic fear mongering language is de rigeur among the base, not just the TRA leaning ones.