"Being born with a uterus doesn't automatically mean you're a woman."

Yeah it does.

That third guy and his wife are disgusting wastes of oxygen.

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688546$ this is just AGP fantasy.

Maybe, but frankly I can believe that some of them and their handmaidens actually do this kind of stuff.

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Yeah... But she watched him smell the pad and asked if he was happy? I'm not kidding that sounds like Karla Homolka level of dependance here.

I'm literally traumatised from reading that entry ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ

I was so disgusted but couldn't help to stop, like looking at a trainwreck

The top right one made me want to hurl. Revolting, especially as (if this is true) the wife participating in her husband's disgusting fetish and violating her friend this way. Blech.

wow, that really brings it home. The TQ movement is women caping for disgusting men. Disgusting men that they wouldn't give the time of day to if they weren't wearing skirts. It's so farcical.

I look at my friends who do this and think how hard their brains are working to win that gold medal in cognitive dissonance. It's so apparent. So in your face. Yet, they go "lalalala!"

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Not just that, but they would run the hell away. Instead they gaslight themselves into suppressing their every instinct for fear of transphobia. It's truly a genius marketing tactic for predators when you think about it.

How long until pads and tampons come in trans coloured packaging? Not long enough.

Generation Z Queer and NBs speak about periods.

There is a huge portion of this generation that is so lost.

Bad enough we've got to worry about men swiping our used menstrual products but now the pervs have gotten their wives involved in their gross lechery? Come on, now.

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