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Why does present you look like a creep sliding into lesbian's DMs

So you transitioned from a creep in your DMs to a creep in our DMs. Cool.

His username is so cringe. Especially when they say “we’re just scared that men will kill us we have to be in your spaces”. No woman advertises that her boobs hurt in her fucking username.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Jasmine('s boobs hurt), @ Ranting_Trans

Stg, the best trans fem timelines involve pictures with the worst facial hair

[Two photographs. On the left, an East Asian man with short hair and a wispy goatee and moustache stares directly into the camera. On the right, the same man, now clean-shaven with long hair, glasses and a manicure, takes a selfie.]

Jasmine('s boobs hurt), @ Ranting_Trans


And all the ones who casually joke about how they “almost became” nazis until they became trans. The same morons who call us nazis. 🙄

Internalised misandry - he thinks being a man is creepy/bad

I sometimes look at r/detrans and a theme I’ve seen a few times is how some TIMs will want to change as they hate being men and think men are creepy/gross/violent and that women are kinder/better and want to be associated with them instead (and can’t say I can totally disagree!)

Not entirely sure how prevalent that is but is interesting and fits with ‘womb envy’

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He's literally a creepy man, how can it be "internalised misandry" when his very existence proves that men are creeps? 😒

Detrans is weird. On the one hand side they have some TIMs which are very honest about their porn addiction and AGP and actually take responsibility and try to cure themselves of it. But you also get sooo many TIMs there that are still sexist and incel porn brains who are bitterly convinced that women live in a world of riches, genuine friends, never suffer assault, are all 10/10 attractive models and have an entourage of loving men who'd protect them against anything. And they genuinely believe they could have this life if only they weren't too ugly to pass as a woman. It's maddening.

Where are these people tho? These "very honest about their porn addiction and AGP and actually take responsibility and try to cure themselves of it" people? Women keep bringing them up but I haven't seen em... almost like bigfoot...

Hey there, I'll obviously agree with you that a sane AGP is a bit of an oxymoron, if you're sane you aint gonna snip and flip you dick lmao

But this guy here is somewhat reasonable, definitely light-years away from your average AGP.


finally a TIM with my name. I was dreading this day. fucking hell.

I saw one with mine, and my name is pretty rare. Of course he was being way more creepy and disgusting than your average TIM too 😡

yeesh. Do young men not know anymore that it usually takes until their mid-20s to have full facial hair? I really hope this wasn't his reason to transition.